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Shopping center marketing teams presentation from Philip Slade at t7F London. May 2008.

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  • 1. A A Simple story told wellwww.t7ondon.co.uk 1

2. Its not the budget its the idea www.t7ondon.co.uk2 3. How many things can the average consumer remember? www.t7ondon.co.uk3 4. How many things can the average consumer remember? ( actually it really is only one according to Daniel Simons of the University of Illinois ) www.t7ondon.co.uk4 5. Consumers are not waiting for your message. Why is what yoursaying moreimportant thanwhat they are www.t7ondon.co.uklooking for? 5 6. Interrupt One message butIntervene nobody notices? Disruptintrigue www.t7ondon.co.uk6 7. Vwww.t7ondon.co.uk 7 8. www.t7ondon.co.uk 8 9. www.t7ondon.co.uk 9 10. Bluetooth Semipedia Changing timesNavigation Handmadewww.t7ondon.co.uk10 11. Bluetooth Or just porn and spam? www.t7ondon.co.uk 11 12. SemipediaMobile based search & reward or the perfect Easter Egg hunt aroundwww.t7ondon.co.uk your center12 13. Navigation www.walkit.com- Urban mapping the killer app www.t7ondon.co.uk 13 14. Handmade - for real www.t7ondon.co.uk14 15. Teenage Golddiggafashion brand moved80% of spend frommagazine to online in 2008 www.t7ondon.co.uk15 16. Street / urban female(core 14 to 18) fashion brand Provincial rather thanmetropolitan Build brand credibility and widenawareness Communication to reflect target'sgrowing but changing mediaconsumption Not hard to reach but hard to getattention and respect Go where they go Listen to what they have to say Offer value and experiencewww.t7ondon.co.uk 16 17. Real world events into digital content www.t7ondon.co.uk 17 18. Merial Frontline Flea and tick treatmentBrand and need awarenessGlobally managed web sites Low budget test activity www.t7ondon.co.uk 18 19. Hybrid blog / micro site approach Photo competition driven Third party added value Social networked www.t7ondon.co.uk19 20. Links www.bannerblog.com.au - best of online banner ads globalwww.webbyawards.com - best of the web 2007www.thefwa.com - best of the web pure creativehttp://reallysimplecommunication.co.uk - a celebration of unclutteredhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP5J4W5GQ3w&feature=related - SonyBravia Balls adwww.walkit.com - google map mash-uphttp://en.semapedia.org - mobile barcodeshttp://nudges.wordpress.com/watch-out-for-cyclists - good blog aboutthe black/white team adhttp://tinyurl.com/3ow4bm - Lawyers response to Walmart fake bloghttp://tinyurl.com/4bsl4s - Article about Coke Zero fake bloghttp://www.trendhunter.com/trends/nostore-shanghais-metro - Empty storeconcept for shopping centerswww.howies.co.uk - Top brand that understands online communicationwww.bebo.com/golddiggaofficial - connecting with teenage girls www.t7ondon.co.uk www.hugyourpet.co.uk - subtle brand messages20 21. Thank you for your timeNext week, promotions! philip@t7flondon.co.uk Philip Slade www.t7ondon.co.uk 2121