Economic Gardening in Rockingham County, NC

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NCCCMA 2013 Economic Gardening in Rockingham County

Page 1NCCCMA 2013 Summer Seminar Economic Gardening in Rockingham CountyJune 21, 2013Our Mission is Simple Page 2Entrepreneur-focusedTechnology-enabledFuture-drivenSo What IS Economic Gardening? Page 3 Page 4

StageWhat they sayTarget second stage companiesProvide resources for those companiesStrategic Market ResearchGISSEOSocial Media Marketing


Page 5GIS

Page 6

Page 8

Page 9Think BroaderWhat the RCBTC saysBasic requirementsInfrastructure DevelopmentGovernment RegulationsGovernment AttitudeWho you serveTarget companies < 50 employeesALL Stages99% of Rockingham County businessesListen to their needsProvide resources for those companiesAll the stuff mentioned before, PLUSFinancial management trainingBusiness performance monitoring & forecastingB2B TrainingAccess to partners, grantsDiversify your portfolio9

Page 10BroadbandInfrastructure

Page 11Cellular


Natural Gas


Rail Page 16

Roads Page 17

GovernmentRegulationsGovernment Regulations (Local)Zoning PermittingComprehensive Land-use PlanTax StructureBusiness LicensesAssumed Name ProcessAssistance with State & Federal Regulations


ZoningPermitsLand-use Plan

Page 19

Page 20

Select Your Seed Page 21

TargetSet Your TargetsCompanies < 50 employees99% of Rockingham County businessesServe AllNever know from where innovation or success may comeAs government, we have too


Page 22But, bePlant Your Seed

Page 23Be realLets be realWe can help, but the business has to plant itselfNatural seeding

23Fertilize & Water Page 24

ListenClient mgtCRMDiversify knowledge basePartnersVolunteersSelf-improvementDiversify service offeringListen to client needs and deliver


Page 25

Page 26

Page 27

Source: Ernst & YoungWhat Makes Up an Entrepreneur?

Act Like Those You Serve Page 29

Page 30Act Like Those You Serve

Page 31Be Willing to Take RisksBe Willing to Fail Page 32Never Stop ImprovingCollocating RCBTC & EDCCentral PermittingSTAR Pilot Community

Page 33So What IS Economic Gardening?Identifying the needs of entrepreneurs with growth potential

Filling those needs everywhere possible

Page 34So What IS Economic Gardening?Using a holistic, sustainable approach

In the process, making your area fertile for new and existing businesses

So that businesses can grow

Page 35OrganicallyContact Info Page 36Mark Wells, Executive Director, RCBTC336.342.7853mwells@rockinghambusiness.orgrockinghambusiness.org