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Presentation on Drupal in Open Government. Effective open government will result in better collaboration between the public and private sectors creating a new level of value for government services. Several examples of where Drupal is used in government today are included.

Text of Drupalcamp Ottawa Keynote

  • 1. DRUPAL IN [OPEN]GOVERNMENT Tom Erickson CEOAcquia @ tom_erictom@ acquia.com

2. CANADAS IMPERATIVEProbably the most IMPORTANT thing the Canadian government could do is toTRANSFORM itself around the internet and the principles of COLLABORATION. For example,we need OPEN GOVERNMENT ...a platform between government, external organizations and citizens...[establishing] a new division oflabour in society about how we creategovernment services and public value. Don Tapscottco-author, WikinomicsSource: The Globe and Mail, Thursday February 21, 2013 3. TRENDS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR 4. TRENDS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR 5. alert.mta.info 6. ontario.ca 7. itdashboard.gov 8. itdashboard.gov 9. itdashboard.gov 10. data.gov.uk 11. data.gov.ukIdeation Open Data Apps 12. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ 13. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ SOURCE: http://wwwhttp://www.whitehouse.gov/infographics/petitions-update-0812. 14. peertopatent.org/ 15. OPEN IS TRANSFORMINGGOVERNMENT 16. A BETTER WAY FORWARDAGILIT OPENY VALUE 17. SHARE FIRST - MORE EFFICIENT GOV 18. EMBRACE OPEN SOURCE 19. IT IS MUCH MORE THAN TECHNOLOGY 20. ITS A COMBINATION OF TECHNOLOGY ANDATTITUDE 21. BUT WHAT CAME FIRST? 22. THE ATTITUDE? 23. THE TECHNOLOGY?MY MONEY IS ON THE CHICKEN**BUTENOUGHABOUTPOULTRY 24. Build something extraordinary,with Drupal! 25. Twitter: @tom_ericE-mail: tom@acquia.com