Dont Give it All Away

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<ol><li> 1. Dont Give it All AwayThe number one rule when it comes to converting YouTube views into traffic, is to not giveaway the farm in your video. In an ideal world, youve set up a blog post or landing page inwhich the video in question is merely a part of a greater point. Lets say for example you areoffering a very specific tip in a video about how to write articles more easily with a simpletemplate or concept of execution. When you reach the end of your video and your viewer fullyunderstands how to employ your method, tell them that the next thing they have to do is learn thesimple way to maximize that very same technique with specific SEO placements.The point is not to simply produce a video and tell people that they can find more stuff on yoursite, but rather to let you users know that there is more to be learned about the exact video theywatched if they continue through to the link in the info box, which should take them directly towhere they need to go. When you operate in this way, you almost mandate that your viewsconvert into traffic, and you can even include the video on the page they are landing on so thatthey realize your site is the actual authority source on the matter, and YouTube is merely amedium to deliver it to them.</li></ol>