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Deviant Enterprise, llc

Deviant Enterprise, llcMoberly, moServicing the community since 2004

Deviant DivisionsAwesome NetworksYourPCKill Shot Gaming SystemsTableTop TikiDeviant BrandsKill Shot Gaming SystemsGamerz BackupGamerz VPNStream DreamGods of GamingAwesome NetworksAwesome BackupTitanium Phone ServiceTabletop TikiYourPC

Computer GuruOperated in Moberly 2004 to Nov. 2015. Computer Guru serviced computers, smart phones, built and maintained networks for small to medium business, and government agencies, Computer Guru was the original manufacturer Kill Shot Gaming Systems, a gaming computer system with good market penetration in game streaming and eSports.Computer Guru closed in November and was organized into Deviant Enterprise, LLC with the following Brands: Awesome Networks, Kill Shot Gaming Systems, and YourPC.

YourPCYourPC was founded in Dec. of 2015, a venture specializing in a whitebox solution for companies and individuals who want to own a computer brand.YourPC provides a quality computer system branded for the company and shipped all over the world. Assembly facilities located in MissouriYourPC Provides extensive website, branding services, world class training, marketing assistance, and social media while leveraging the relationships ranging from manufactures to distribution, to create an effective solution.

Tabletop tikiTabletop Tiki was established by Deviant Enterprise and Michael Blackford in Spring of 2015 as the Original Tabletop Tiki. Made with the environment in mind.Each Tiki is comprised of recycled whiskey and alcohol bottles from local establishments, recycled copper, renewable cotton, packaged in recycled boxes and sold nationwide.Tabletop Tiki maintains 60 products distributed in the USA

Awesome NetworksAwesome Networks was founded in 2015 as the technology side of Deviant Enterprise. Awesome Networks has a vast product offering as a distributor for 6 different manufactures, a internet service provider for the Moberly area, A nationwide VOIP phone company, and TV provider. Complete with data center and datacenter services featuring dedicated servers, cloud based windows computers, vpn Services, and gaming servers. With multiple fiber GbE backbone. Service and repair for PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphones, and Televisions.Currently awarded a Microsoft BizSpark Grant for Developing ELearning Solutions for Rural Communities.

Kill shot gaming systemsFounded in April of 2015 Kill Shot Gaming Systems manufactures purpose built computer systems.Kill Shot Gaming Systems manufactures 50 different computer models and ships them across the country. Primary focus of computers systems is aimed at the gaming industrySecondary markets include business graphics, servers, and VR eSportsSecondary Products include Gamerz Backup and Gamerz VPN

Backup Products

Awesome BackupGamerz BackupCloudSafe Business

Technology and datacenter Licensed from Acronis on a per GB used data contract.Rights to rebrand and resell our own custom productRights to white label the same structure others

Will backup everything , anywhere.