Designing the Agile Connected Organization

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PowerPoint Presentation

Designing the Agile, Connected OrganizationWhat are we designing for? Whats the goal?


Future-Proofed Innovation

2: Org Design Model3: Iterative Negotiated Approach4: Experiment To Refine1: Organizational Demands --- ContextPossibilities



Design supports strategy in that order3



Year Of Your Organizations Design

Your Data Few Are Future-Built Looking forward to hearing back



Where does responsibility lie for:


Vacation is interesting. Many organizations have quit tracking vacation Netflix as an example. How do you think this will shift over time?6


Bruce A. Wielicki, in the room? Name that cloud and suggest why I show it?


A 21st Century Organization, Designed in 1958


Nucor Steel

21st Century in the 60s


In Your Team Room Until 11:20 Outline one or two demands in one of your organizations Apply design thinking Brainstorm around the issues & constraints that will play a role in whatever solution/improvement you try (dont move to solution/improvement yet) Keep your notes for the afternoon



In teams room working at 12:45 (Back here 1:15)How is Gore successful?How would you assess Gore and compare it to your own organization?

Creating our framework for organizational designPlease keep notes on how you answered these two questions


How is Gore successful?

How did you assess Gore and compare it to your own organization?


Examples on board16

McKinsey 7S


Galbraith STAR Model


Griffith Star Model



Levers Affecting Gores Culture

Part 2 Workbook21

People (Who they hired)


Structure:Layers of Hierarchy

More Dimension Examples:




eSellerPro automation, analytics27



The Nucor Story Context/People/Structure/Process

Safety FirstEliminating HierarchyTrust & FreedomWork EthicEveryone a Decision MakerAll Workers a StakeEmployee Relations cant change just one thing30


Most organizational changes do not meet their goals (they fail)Why?


Leverage Points Most organizational changes fail why?34

Leverage points35

Now we have a framework, lets use it to design an organization or a piece of one

Plugged-In Management

Every Organization is DifferentHow Do Design For Your Specific Setting?







3 Practices42

Stop Look - Listen


Youre already doing the first one youve stopped and shown up here. Stop-look-listen = recognition

Looking and Listening think After Action Review plan to stop and consider your options across each of the three dimensions. Make it a standard practice rather than a post mortem


AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Think about the changes to the technology and process youve seen over the years. Could some of those been anticipated earlier? How about the choices made?45

Stop & Think About Your Resources: Agile, Networks, Generations, Values, StrategyListen to Your Results: Scrum, LeanBe Mindful


Think of mixing as negotiating and youll get most of the idea. You have stakeholders, you have issues, and you have outcomes if you put a product or service together in a way that would get agreement in a negotiation I expect youll have success.

or think about it like a chocolate chip cookie48

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Just like these ingredients on their own dont make a chocolate chip cookie

Levers Affecting Gores Culture

Part 2 Workbook50

How do you deal with the fact that we cant do this on our own?


Negotiating your Mix

Whats a negotiation?How do you do it?

Sharing is basically about getting other people on board, playing by the same rules, helping52


Issues Use the STAR to identify main leversOutcomesValues of Outcomes to Stakeholders

Integrative Designs as the DealIterative

Building Blocks of Negotiation



Implementing -- SolutionStakeholder 1Stakeholder 2Stakeholder 3People.: These are perceived values for the particular outcomeOutcome 1 Outcome 1 Outcome 1 Technology.. Outcome 1 Outcome 2 Outcome 3 Process.. Outcome 1 Outcome 2Outcome 3




Sharing is basically about getting other people on board, playing by the same rules, helping55


Mix: Human, Technical & Org DimensionsEvaluate

Steps to Agile, Connected Execution

Let go of many old modelsStart a conversationLeverage human, technical & organizational dimensionsEvaluateIterate


Lets Put The Ideas Into Practice




IssuesOutcomesValues of Outcomes to Stakeholders

Integrative Designs as the Deal

Plan to Negotiate To Your New Design



Move to the first iteration of your team solution.

Graph the dimensions to mix Deliverable

Draft Stakeholders, Issues, Outcomes, & Values -- Deliverable

In Teams:



When You Come Back: Well Share Solutions & Implementation Ideas

(Always work in that order)