Creative, Digital and Design Business Briefing - May 2016

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<p>Digital Business Briefing</p> <p>Creative, Digital &amp; Design Business Briefing A digest of useful information for UK businesses seeking funding and support, updated monthly</p> <p>May / June 2016 </p> <p>@KTN_Creative</p> <p>Brought to you by the following organisations:</p> <p>If you think theres something that we've missedplease let us know:</p> <p>ContentsPublic funding callsHorizon 2020Other public fundingKTN &amp; other eventsPublic investment / private financingLaunching a new business?Non-financial support for your business Training &amp; skills</p> <p>Public funding calls</p> <p>Key feature: Innovate UK is investing up to 4.5m in collaborative industrial research projects that stimulate innovation in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. The aim of this competition is to help companies overcome barriers to business growth in additive manufacturing. It will also encourage them to explore and develop their wider digital manufacturing capability.</p> <p>Register now for briefing events: 7 June Webcast, 7 June London, 14 June IFB2016 - Liverpool </p> <p>Competition Closes: applicants must register before noon on 20 July 2016 and apply before noon on 27 July 2016.</p> <p>More info at gov.ukConnected digital additive manufacturing</p> <p>Public funding calls</p> <p>Key feature: Innovate UK is to invest up to 15m in innovation projects in manufacturing and/or materials. These projects will focus on identified technical or commercial challenges. Projects will be funded that aim to lead to increased UK SME productivity, competitiveness and growth. </p> <p>Innovate UK encourages applications featuring: the novel application of a digital technology or approach to manufacturing or materials development (such as automation, modelling and simulation, data analysis); design for manufacture, use and end-of-life.</p> <p>Register now for briefing events: 23 May London, 23 May Live Webcast, 26 May West Midlands, 27 May Manchester. </p> <p>Competion deadlines: applicants must register before noon 6 July 2016 and apply before noon on 13 July 2016. </p> <p>More info at</p> <p>Materials and manufacturing</p> <p>Public funding calls Knowledge Transfer Partnerships</p> <p>Key feature: A scheme to help businesses innovate and grow by linking them with a university and a graduate to work on a specific project. Each KTP is a three-way partnership between a business, an academic institution and a graduate. The academic institution employs the recently-qualified graduate who works at the company. The graduate, known as the associate', brings new skills and knowledge to the business.</p> <p>A KTP is part-funded by a grant. You will need to contribute to the cost of the supervisor and the salary of the associate. </p> <p>2016 deadlines are: 6 July, 7 September &amp; 2 NovemberMore info on: </p> <p>Creative England Production FundThe Creative England Production Fund is targeted at feature films with budgets of up to 2 million from up-and-coming talent or from established directors looking to experiment with innovative approaches. The fund is particularly interested in projects from regionally-based filmmakers or those which have a strong regional voice. The fund is looking to support around three to five features per annum over the next four years, with production awards of up to 200,000 per project.More info at funding calls</p> <p>Creative Scotland Film FundThe 'Slate Development Funding' strand invites applications from producers who are based in Scotland or, alternatively, producers who are involved within the field of Scottish-based writing and/or directing. The purpose of this funding scheme is to provide assistance for Scottish filmmakers who wish to develop a slate of films. These films could fall within the genres of: live-action and animated feature films, feature documentaries, animated and live action drama television series. Scale: 50,000 - 150,000Applications close: 23 May 2016, before 5pmMore info at Public funding calls</p> <p>Public funding calls Human Dimensions of Cyber SecurityKey feature: This EPSRC call is looking to support academic researchers, businesses and government users to develop around six collaborative, international and problem-driven projects which address the human dimensions of cyber security.</p> <p>Scale: up to 5m</p> <p>Closes: 8 June 2016</p> <p>More info at:</p> <p>Public funding calls Nesta Impact Investment FundKey feature: An equity investment fund investing in social ventures with innovative products or services that are addressing some of the UKs most pressing challenges. Investments are made in areas that tackle:</p> <p>the health and wellbeing of an ageing populationthe educational attainment and employability of children and young peoplethe social and environmental sustainability of communities.</p> <p>Scale: between 150k - 1mCloses: on-goingMore info on: Nesta Investments </p> <p>Public funding calls Interactive Healthcare Programme Yorkshire and Humber</p> <p>Funded by Creative England's Regional Growth Fund and managed by Creative England in partnership with the Yorkshire &amp; Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), this Interactive Healthcare Fund is for small creative and digital businesses (SMEs) who wish to bring innovative digital health and wellbeing products and services to market in the NHS and wider health and social care marketplace.. </p> <p>Key information: 250,000 will be available via investments of up to 50,000 per application; Companies must be based in England, outside of Greater London (innovations that have potential to benefit Yorkshire &amp; Humber communities are welcomed) closes Friday 17 June. </p> <p>More info on:</p> <p>Northern Ireland Dept. of Health, Social Services &amp; Public Safety (DHSSPS) - Connected Health SBRI competitions</p> <p>Tenders for both competitions are available to view and download at Before gaining access to a tender opportunity, suppliers will be required to register on the site. </p> <p>1. FAST Automated Staff Deployment of pharmacy staff in a hospital setting. The competition is seeking to source new innovative technology solutions to enable the appropriate deployment of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians within secondary care, ensuring that the requisite number of staff with the requisite skill sets would be available to help patients gain optimal outcomes from their medicines. Projects will be selected on their potential to effectively and quickly deploy acute hospital pharmacy staff to address the needs of patients in secondary care. Up to a maximum of 3 companies will be funded up to a maximum of 25,000 each and the project will last up to 6 months. Closes 13 June.</p> <p>Northern Ireland Dept. of Health, Social Services &amp; Public Safety (DHSSPS) - Connected Health SBRI competitions (contd.)2. Home Medication Management for the Elderly to Support Domiciliary Care Services HOME</p> <p>The competition is seeking to source new innovative technology solutions that help domiciliary care service users to gain the optimal benefit from their prescribed medication. Up to 6 companies will be funded up to a maximum of 80,000 each for a Phase 1 feasibility study, lasting no more than 6 months. Closes 22 June, 15:00.</p> <p>Public funding calls OrganiCityThe OrganiCity experimentation platform, tools and urban data streams are ready to host your projects. Your urban experiment can improve the challenges faced by Aarhus, London or Santander; and help test and develop the capabilities of the OrganiCity platform.</p> <p>OrganiCity is now inviting proposals forexperiments to run in our three lead cities. The open call offers funding of up to 60.000 to kick start your ideas or projects closes 29 June. </p> <p>More info on:</p> <p>Public funding calls Feature Documentary Development Call Northern Ireland ScreenNorthern Ireland Screen seeks applications to develop feature documentaries that will deliver unique visions and voices on universal stories from Northern Ireland resident filmmakers. The maximum amount that can be requested is 7,500 based on a budget of 10,000. Northern Ireland Screens contribution cannot exceed 75% of the budget deadline for applications Friday 1st July. </p> <p>More info on:</p> <p>Horizon 2020 (H2020)</p> <p>Key feature: The H2020 programme is the major funding opportunity for R&amp;D initiatives across Europe running up until 2020. There is a strong emphasis on creative industries, design and digital technologies. </p> <p>Upcoming calls:</p> <p>Full details about the workplan for the Information and Communication Technologies Call are available here. Calls within the H2020 ICT work plan that are relevant to the creative and digital industries include:</p> <p>SME Instrument Phase 1: Engaging SMEs in security research and development Multiple cut-off deadlines 2016/17</p> <p>SME Instrument Phase 2: Engaging SMEs in security research and development Multiple cut-off deadlines 2016/17</p> <p>Horizon 2020 </p> <p>Upcoming calls:</p> <p>Cyber Security for SMEs, local public administration and Individuals Deadline 25 August 2016</p> <p>Economics of Cybersecurity Deadline 25 August 2016</p> <p>Cyber Security for SMEs, local public administration and Individuals Deadline 25 August 2016</p> <p>Engaging private consumers towards sustainable energy Deadline 15 September 2016</p> <p>ICT 19: Media Content and Convergence Deadline 8 November 2016</p> <p>ICT 4: Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative - Deadline 8 November 2016</p> <p>Horizon 2020 </p> <p>Upcoming calls:</p> <p>ICT 8: 5G PPP Convergent Technologies Deadline 8 November 2016</p> <p>ICT 11:Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation Deadline 25 April 2017</p> <p>ICT 20:Tools for smart digital content in the creative industries - Deadline 25 April 2017</p> <p>Addressing Advanced Cyber Security Threats and Threat Actors Deadline 24 August 2017 </p> <p>Further information on H2020 Work Programmes can also be found here.</p> <p>Horizon 2020 </p> <p>A list of all upcoming Knowledge Transfer Network events offering information and support in connection with H2020 funding programmes is available here.</p> <p>KTN Guide to Horizon 2020 and Other European Funding for the Creative Industries </p> <p>This is a short guide to help you submit a proposal for the Horizon 2020 funding programme (H2020), as well as describing other European Commission funding sources. It provides a brief overview of how to apply, things to think about, where to get support and useful links.</p> <p>You can also keep up to date with the latest info via our Creative, Digital and Design portal and by joining our dedicated LinkedIn group. </p> <p>H2020 SME Innovation Associate</p> <p>Key feature: The H2020 SME Innovation Associate is a new pilot action under the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme 'Horizon 2020 that will support 90 European SMEs and Start-ups to recruit post-doctoral research associates from other countries to explore an innovation business idea. </p> <p>The following costs are eligible under this programme: salary of the researcher for a period of one year; relocation cost for the researcher up to a maximum total of 5000; travel and subsistence costs related to the training.</p> <p>Deadline to apply: 30 June 2016</p> <p>More info at </p> <p>Creative Europe</p> <p>MEDIA: Networks of Cinemas Deadline 8 June 2016</p> <p>MEDIA: Online Distribution Deadline 21 June 2016 </p> <p>MEDIA: Distribution Automatic Support 2015 Deadline 2 August 2016</p> <p>MEDIA: Distribution Support to Sales Agents Deadline 1 March 2017</p> <p>MEDIA: Distribution Automatic Support 2016 Deadline 1 August 2017</p> <p>Further information on Creative Europe funding available here.</p> <p>Other public funding</p> <p>Wellcome Trust Arts Awards offer two levels of funding to encourage collaboration between arts and science.Creative Scotland Open Project Funding - This fund supports the arts, screen and creative industries, with projects that help them explore, realise and develop their creative potential.Funding Central and Finance Funder - Online guide to over 4,000 grants, contracts and other forms of finance: fully searchable based on finance type, scale and your geographical location; especially good for businesses seeking charitable or grant funding.</p> <p>Other public fundingCreative Skillset - Creative Skillset directs collective investment through the Skills Investment Fund to create new and innovative training in priority skills and in-demand roles to ensure growth in the UKs Creative Industries.Creative Industry Finance - Delivered by Creative United and funded by Arts Council England, this programme is designed to assist creative and cultural enterprises in securing access to loan finance from 2,500 upwards.Arts Council of Wales offer a selection of arts grants for creative professionals and organisations.</p> <p>Thursday, 19 May 2016 from 11:00 to 14:00 Oxford Town Hall, Oxford City Council, St. Aldgates, Oxford OX1 1BX</p> <p>Are you looking to grow your digital business? Join us and Innovate UK in Oxford for the May Regional Digital Business Drop-In event with hosted by the Knowledge Transfer Network. This event is for digital companies across various sectors and industries looking to access funding and support to grow. There will be presentations from Innovate UK and the KTN on the types of support and funding available the event is followed by a networking lunch.</p> <p>Further info and registration details available here</p> <p>KTN Events</p> <p>Regional Digital Business Drop-In</p> <p>18:30-21:00, Thursday 26 May 2016 Fountain Room, The Barbican, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS </p> <p>Artful Spark is a quarterly event series that celebrates the brilliant collaborations that come when different disciplines collide. After recent sell-out events focussed on wearables and immersive sound, this latest iteration will be discussing sensors. </p> <p>Join thinkers, makers, coders and creators for a night of inspirational keynotes, practical demonstrations and discussion. How can Sensors transform storytelling, audience engagement and social innovation? What's the secret to boundary-defying, cross-discipline collaboration? </p> <p>Further info and registration details available here </p> <p>Artful Spark #03 Sensors</p> <p>09:30-12:00, Thursday 2 June 2016 Digital Catapult Centre, 101 Euston Rd, London NW1 2RA</p> <p>The Knowledge Transfer Network will be organising an informal information sharing Business Drop-in session in London. The session is designed to support digital companies and learn more about Innovate UK, the Digital Catapult and other organisations and businesses that have opportunities and support for UK based businesses.</p> <p>Representatives from across Innovate UKs programmes will highlight a range of upcoming funding opportunities for digital companies, researchers and academic institutions working across a diverse range of sectors.</p> <p>Please note: If you are interested in giving a 5 minute presentation, slots are given on a first come first served basis at the event.</p> <p>Further info and registration details available here.</p> <p>KTN Event...</p>


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