Creating the Next Generation of Speaking Legends

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  1. 1. WE WANT TO: Make a difference. Change the world. Make people laugh. Help people. Be remembered. Cure the world of Solve a problem. Be heard. Inspire change. Grow our business. Be the expert. Learn from others.
  2. 2. Mark LeBlanc presents Growing Your Business When You are The Business Your audience doesnt actually want to learn, they want to enjoy the experience. What you do everyday is more important than what you do once in awhile. What is your definition of success? Fantastic day! I'm always refining my systems to be more efficient and profitable and Mark gave us a great blueprint to emulate, the 9 Strategies. Annette Bond What a great program. One big takeaway... There is a big difference between a "to-do list" and a "will-do list." You offered very practical and helpful best practices for increasing revenue. Earl Bell Your 9 best practices removes questions and excuses and puts the power to create a thriving business in our hands. You're a gem! Maureen Manley
  3. 3. Brian Walter presents A Bazillion Extreme Ways to Use Video in Your Presentations Your brain can not not look at pictures. Fabulous session. Thank you Brian. No more $ and decimal points for me! Loved the idea of "chunking" and all of the great ways to use video. Laura Leist Make your proposals reflect who you are. Add emotion and make it easy for them to scan it because people dont like to read. A crappy video blown up is an epically crappy video. Great stuff! Just got my money's worth for the year. Dan Diamond Brains rapid fire and humorous delivery of ideas illustrated with his tool chest of fine examples made the lesson come to life Lenora Edwards This was one of the most cost- efficient trainings Ive ever attended. Ann Amati Brian is a wizarda wonderful wizard! Maureen Manley
  4. 4. Lois Creamer presents Book More Business! How many outbound phone calls have you made today? Thank you Lois. It was a great day. One of my take-aways was to simplify my one sheet by calling all presentations "programs" vs. dividing key notes and workshops into two categories. AND "Fit first, FEE second"! Lisa Copeland Your positioning statement is the hook we put out there to draw someone in to see if we are going to be a fit. You are so generous with sharing your expertise on how to "specifically" book more business. You were fun, funny, and focused on the task at hand! Thx for showin' us how to get 'er done! Kim Peterson Your ability to be straight forward, funny and inspirational was so valuable. The tips and guidance you provided were critical for the professional direction my husband, special family and I want to be on. I left jazzed and am still feeling inspired from your words. Christine Pattilo Perception can be more powerful than truth itself.
  5. 5. Russ Riddle presents Corral Your CA$H Cow! A small modification to the spelling of an existing trademark is not going to make a difference in allowing you to use someone elses trademark. Russ has the gift of presenting incredibly useful and valuable information in simple laymans terms that are easy to understand and apply in real life. PJ Glassey Russ delivered his vital information in an entertaining and delightful way. I am so happy to be better protected with this information. Maureen Manley Russ cleared up the many grey areas of trademark and copyright law for me. Excellent event! Paul Rosser Do things right at the beginning so you dont have to defend in end. Dont use naked quotes (a quote without identifying who said it). It puts your credibility at risk. It depends...
  6. 6. Jan Gelman presents Building Your Personal Board of Directors Be intention about building your board of directors. I have a plan for building my board of directors and will start contacting people this weekend! Kim Peterson I had always heard that you should have a board of directors, but it wasnt until today that I knew how to build mine. Mel DePaoli Jan is really good! Bill Stainton We change, so will our board. Its ok. The Innovators are the people who challenge you the most.
  7. 7. NSA CEO Stacy Tetschner came to Seattle! Linda Keith, Jan McLaughlin, Mel DePaoli, Earl Bell, Anna Liotta, Stacy Tetschner, Lisa Copeland, and Brian Walter
  8. 8. Ed Tate presents Guerilla Marketing: How to Out Market Your Competition If I just give you hints, youll fill in the details. I really like your simple model for developing stories in minutes. Easily Remembered + Highly Implementable = High Value. Earl Bell My TOP takeaway was this (and I am going to add this to my talk) Platforms change, tactics change but the essence of who YOU are doesn't change! Tracey Warren Ed kept the energy high and the content deep. Elisa Hays Love when the content is great, energy fabulous and the application of ideas are easy. Carol Sanford Public speaking is not the number one fearpublic embarrassment is. A fact wrapped a story is 22 times more memorable than the mere fact.
  9. 9. Beth Bridges presents Mastering the Art of Networking When you go to an event you want to meet two types of people: the people you can help and the people who can help you. Beth is thoughtful, realistic, helpful and funny as all get out. I loved her presentation. Don Crawley Theres a difference between random activity a planned networking strategy. Beth has uncovered both the art and science of networking. Don Smith Seek to make sales a RESULT of networking, not while networking. Beth was delightful, energetic and utterly real. She knows networking backwards and forwards. I learned a lot! Elisa Hays
  10. 10. Traci Brown presents How to Stand Out and Cash In Solve tiny problems with tiny solutions. Traci is lively, very approachable and fun. She teaches a lot while keeping the whole room engages. Cari Palmer Traci shifted my paradigm in a huge way and opened my eyes to a new niche that I am sure will pay off in huge ways!!!! PJ Glassey Traci helped me realize that a huge message / idea is often times too big to sell to the masses. Cesar Amaral Its not all body language, youve got to open your mouth at some point. To talk your way out of a ticket, keep the cop feeling like he is in charge.
  11. 11. Laura Leist presents Eliminate Risk and Gain Rewards Using Tech Free doesn't mean that it's right. Use the right tool for the job. Laura taught me how to eliminate chaos, save time and implement tasks to build my business. Lisa Copeland Your inbox should only contain items that you need to take action on. Laura is fabulous! I love her tactile and strategic approach to using tools for what they are intended to be used for. Mel DePaoli The fortune is in the follow up. Laura is an inspirational speaker and teacher who is amazing at alleviating the chaos! Rose Jolis
  12. 12. Jill Lublin presents Every Speaking Engagement = Guaranteed Revenue Be concise and precise in your publicity. Jill is a pro! She know publicity and she knows speaking. This session gave me a wealth of ideas for how to help the media work for me. Nicole Nazzaro It takes a village to write a book and a couple of villages to promote it. NSA NW brings the best of the best for highly relevant material for speakers and entrepreneurs. Dan Wingard PR is all about relationships. I want you to make stuff up about you instead of others making it up. Jill provided fabulous ideas to craft a clear message that will play well with media. Elysa Hays
  13. 13. Annual Meeting with Cesear Speakman & Anna Liotta
  14. 14. Are you ready to become a legend? We are.


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