Could consulting be the next step in your career?

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Could consulting be the next step in your career?

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What are the main tasks that a consultant performs?

A review



2: STRATEGICPLANNINGWhat are the main tasks that a consultant performs?


What are the key behavioral attributes needed to be a successful consultant?

the experts opinion

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A Dr Ron Dyer Concoction

Adaptability, creativity, and effective communication; written, oral and most importantly non-verbal is essential in all casesKen Gregson.

How does a consultant push through recommendations in light of change resistance?

A how to guide

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Facilitate true guided discoveryKen Gregson.

Pushing through recommendations is a subtle balance of technical competence and persuasion. You have to know your onions but you also have to know which people like onionsDr Ron Dyer.

What makes a bad consultant?

How not to act

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Simple, a know-it all, or one that thinks that they do, who is prescriptive before investigating and assessingDr Ron Dyer.Thinking your ideas are the best. They hire you for your ideas, or so they think, but youre doing the client a disservice if you dont help them create new ideas for themselves.Ken Gregson

What are your favourite elements of being a consultant?

A personal view

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TherapistTechnocratAllyIn this order:Dr Ron Dyer


Spending more time with my family. Even though Im traveling a lot more than I used to in my corporate job, when Im home I am much more present with them and the quality of our time together has greatly increased. Ken Gregson

Consultancy case study

A how to guide

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Consultancy case study Automotive Manufacturer new consumer communication software pilot

Consultancy case study Aims

The initial contract was simply to develop the training needed to pilot some new software an automotive manufacturer had developed which enabled consumers to communicate directly with dealers via chat or call with smartphone screen sharing while researching vehicles on the automotive manufacturers mobile website

Consultancy case study Role

I was the primary project manager working most closely with the automotive manufacturer and coordinating with 5 other vendors involved in the project. I was also the primary instructional designer for the required training and chief strategist for the pilot methodology.

Consultancy case study

Lack of communications from the dealership prior to the pilot. The client didnt want anyone else contacting the dealer ship prior to the. Outside training facilitators with their own ideas for instructional design.. The trainer and I had very different opinions as to what constitutes good instructional design.Challenges

What skills taught in our programmes can help establish me as a more effective consultant?

Putting theory into practice

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Understanding the value of Sensemaking. I had been doing it as a leader for several years but was unaware of the theory behind it. Leading change that way just made sense to me. Know I know why.Ken Gregson

Final Research ProjectConsultancy Option

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