Content Targeting Moving From Visitors to Customers

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In todays highly competitive online world, simply rehashing offline copy or existing collateral for your website doesn't cut it. When visitors come to your website, you have a very small window to engage them before they click away.Making your website look pretty can grab your visitors attention, but that attention is fleeting. What keeps them engaged is content that is relevant to them. On this webinar, you will learn how to use web content targeting to connect with your customers and drive business. What You Will Learn: * How to use web analytics to go beyond tracking visitors and understand their intentions* How to combine usage profiles with content profiles for more effective targeting * How to leverage the power of a sophisticated Web Content Management (WCM) system for dynamic content targeting


  • 1.From Visitors to CustomersMoving Beyond Counting Website Visitors toEngaging with CustomersJohn Lovett, Senior Partner@JohnLovettInsights from Web Analytics

2. We are the change Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.We are the ones weve been waiting for.We are the change that we seek.Barak Obamas Yes, We Can Change January 2008, Nashua NHVisualization: 3. Become a Catalyst for ChangeChange Status QuoTransform BroadcastDialogue CountingInteractingGenericRelevant Reactive Proactive Visitor Customer 4. Agenda Understanding Changing Visitors Getting to Know Your Customers Acting in the Analytical Instant4 5. Who are your visitors? Multichannel 40% of Internet users watch TV and surf he web simultaneously Addicted 48% of Internet users check social media when they wake up1 Deliberate Between 80 to 90% research online prior to purchasing offline Opportunistic 43% of consumers purchased from a different retailer than where they researched Not Listening Although buyers are not listening when you talk, paradoxically they have become more information hungry than everSource: 1. 5 6. Understand Visitor Behavior ExposureDialogue Interaction @johnlovett 7. Practice Relationship MarketingROI Starts Here ExposureDialogue Interaction @johnlovett 8. Relationship Marketing Doesnt Stopwith InteractionAdvocacyInnovationSupport @johnlovett 9. These Are Your New MeasurementObjectives ExposureDialogue Interaction InnovationAdvocacySupport @johnlovett9 10. Know Your Customers To Know YourEffectiveness ExposureDialogue Interaction? InnovationAdvocacySupport @johnlovett10 11. Agenda Understanding Changing Visitors Getting to Know Your Customers Acting in the Analytical Instant @johnlovett 11 12. A Day in the LifeCatalog WebCall Ctr AppsStore Name IP Address Name (Name) Zip CodeAddressVisitsAccount # DownloadPurchases Zip CodeViewsIssue Device(Account #)Gender BrowsingResolution Geography Credit Card Purchases ReferralProle InteractionPreferences FrequencySatisfaction Engagement Prole Inferred Prefs12 13. What is the True Profile? The True Profile is a solution that offers a contemporary understanding of customers by managing data from interactions across multiple channels.@johnlovett13 14. True Profiles Span ChannelsPrintWeb Wiki Facebook iPadCustomer Experience14 15. True Profiles Offer Memory True Customer Prole Obfuscated data Preferences History Protability 15 16. Integrate Data Streams 16 17. Capturing Data True Profile Customer DataWarehouseCRM prole Web DataWeb proleTrue prole Social DataSocial prole 18. Leveraging Customer Profiles &Segments True prole 18 19. True Profile Segments @johnlovett 19 20. Agenda Understanding Changing Visitors Getting to Know Your Customers Acting in the Analytical Instant @johnlovett 20 21. A Contemporary InterpretationThe Analytical InstantCustomer Experience IntelligentData MarketingMarketing improves with access to data. 21 22. Take ACTION! 22 23. Use Customer Profiles within Analyze behavior against scoring models Determine customer value Jane Smith is likely to become a valuablecustomer Target with intelligent marketing 23 24. Turn Prole Insights Into MarketingActionsPhase 1:Phase 2: Phase 3:Phase 4:Phase 5:TrueSegmentAutomate TriggerLearn &Customer Customers Biz Rules Marketing Optimize Pro le Use web Roll-UpDetermine AutomateReadily accept analytics toindividual data propensity forcontent,feedbackdrill down tointoaction and emails, etc. acrossindividual meaningfulassignwith dynamicchannels andbehaviorssegmentsbusiness rules response improve 25. Moving Beyond Counting Visitors toEngaging CustomersJose Santa AnaProduct Marketing Director 26. Agenda Who is Alterian WCM Maturity Model Levels of Content Targeting The Alterian Solution Q&A 27. To change the face of marketing from massmarketing to engagement with the individual 28. Alterian Web Engagement Maturity ModelINFORMATIONMANAGEMENTINTERACTIONENGAGEMENT Level 1 Level 2Level 3 Level 4Brochure-wareCMS-enabled Consolidated Cross-channelwebsites websites to visitor-centric sites; content manage & re-use decentralizedmanagement content management driven by analyticalinsight IT or Agency managed & LOB sponsored Exec level sponsored, Exec level sponsored,driven IT managed Business Ops Business Ops Static Publishing Dynamic publishing administered,administered, Separation of content &IT supported IT supported presentationPart of a Multi-channel Part of a Cross-channel Web based content entrycommunication strategy engagement strategy Multisite managementTaxonomy supportA/B, Split run and Multi- Serial workflowsMultilingual sites and variate testing Image & graphicautomated translation Content targeting & management workflows Recommendations Audit trailsPersonalized contentIntegration with CRM A/B, Split-run ContentOptimizationSocial Media Monitoring & outreach Interactive mediamanagement User generated content Content retention &archiving 29. If youre not using content targeting, your competitor might beWeb Content Management is Aliveand Well in 2011 Thanks to OnlineCustomer Experience, ForresterResearch, Inc., March 17, 2011 30. Why you might want to consider Content Targeting To improve customer engagement and grow conversions To surface relevant content that a visitor would otherwisenot know to look for To identify high-value customers and make them moreprofitable To partially or fully automate more effective marketing toaudience segments 31. Content Targeting can be based on any or all of the following: For known visitors/customers: Visitors profiles and preferences: everything theyve told you about themselves Their history with you: all past interactions with them what theyve done on your site, their communications with you, etc For unidentified visitors: How they got there: what did they search on? did they click on an ad? was the URL that they clicked on tagged? What are they doing: their behavior in the current session (navigation paths, site searches, etc). Other contextual data: what time of day, day of the week is it? where are they? what do you want to promote? 32. Levels of Content Targeting Implicit Personalization Based on BehaviorExplicit PersonalizationBased on Provided Likes/WantsTestingSimpleA/B MVTName, Title, Greeting 33. Levels of Content Targeting: Explicit Personalization User provides infoon his/herinterests Business rules todisplay specificcontent items Based onlikes/wantsprovided by aregistered user 34. Levels of Content Targeting: Implicit Personalization Extend web analytics beyondcounting visitors, pages and clicks Generate user profiles based onindividual web behavior Track behavior at the asset-levelinstead of page-level to address trulydynamic web environments Bridge anonymous visitors andknown users to truly understandaudience behavior 35. Levels of Content Targeting: Implicit Personalization Define vocabulariesand taxonomies Assign metadata tocontent Generate contentprofiles 36. Dynamic Content Targeting: A Framework Batch ProcessData Collection and Preparation Profile GenerationContent Processing Feature Clustering Keyword Tagging Content Profile Derivation Correlation Analysis Feature Extraction Build Taxonomies Site ContentContent Profiles Usage Profiles Other customer dataBehavior Preprocessingvolunteered or Data cleansingfrom other channels Sessionizing Page / Asset ViewsTransaction Clustering Web Activity Event TrackingUsage Profile Derivation Online Process Recommendation EngineTestRecommendationsActive Session WCM Server 37. Alterian Solution Multi-channel ExecutionWeb, Mobile, Social Media, EmailSocial IntelligenceWeb AnalyticsSocial Email ContentMediaManagerTextual, RichMedia, Creative, PublisherDesignTesting: A/B, MVT CampaignData, Targeting, Persona Refinement 38. With Content Targeting, you now have the ability to: Improve customer engagement and growconversions Deliver consistent messaging dynamicallyacross multiple channels Create more effective geo-targetedcampaigns / promotions Tune your website based on visitor behavior Display recommendations based onpersonas Tag, segment, and display right content forthe right audience 39. Take Action! Identify your segments and personas Determine content opportunities for personalization Create a rule Test it Go live Analyze the results Tweak Repeat 40. Alterian OverviewGrowthRevenue4030 m2010 0 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 41. Alterian Customer Engagement SolutionsAlterian (LSE: ALN)enables organizationsto create relevant,effective and engagingexperiences with theircustomers andprospects throughsocial, digital, andtraditional marketingchannels. 42. Alterian: Focused on Customer Engagement Software for Marketers by Marketers Engaging the Individual Across Multiple Channels Analytically-Driven Throughout Best Practice Consultancy and Support Global Partner Ecosystem Software as a Service or On-Premise DeploymentMore than 1,500 marketingorganizations across 26countries rely on Alteriansolutions every day. 43. THANK YOU!John LovettSenior Partner, Web Analytics 603 262-5636 or @johnlovettJose Santa AnaProduct Marketing Director, 415 516 4252UK/EU: +44 (0) 117 970 3200 | NA: +1 312 704 1700 | Asia/Pac: +61 (2) 9968 2449Web: | Blog: | Twitter: Alterian