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  • 1. Man in the Mirror

2. ORIGIN OF MIRRORSOne day Narcissus saw his reflection in the waterand fell in love with it, that was the first mirror.Men then made mirrors to get a close up look atthemselves.Mirrors work by reflection and People are likemirrors they only reflect back to us what weshow them. 3. Mirror Mirror on the wall what do you see? 4. The Most written and spoken about topics have at their center, a mirror Leadership Success 5. The Highest Common Multiple So what is the common factor ofleaders and the ultra successful people? Confidence It is all in the Mirror. What do you see in yourself 6. If you dont see success no one will see itin you If you dont see Leadership, no one willsee it in you. Remember people will only reflect to uswhat we show them. 7. Confidence is the Key For anyone to achieve anything ofsignificant magnitude in theircareer, personal life or theirfinances, they must believeunequivocally that they have gotwhat it takes to achieve that goalplan or dream. Every leader and successful personexudes Confidence. 8. Elements of confidenceSelfEsteemSelf Confidence SelfSelf BeliefPerception 9. Self PerceptionPerception is the spectacles with which yousee yourself .In essence you will project onto otherswhat you see in yourself,If you see yourself as a failure, so willothersIf you see yourself as a nobody so willothers.On the other hand if you see a Leader, asuccess, a good friend, a dependableperson only then will other people seethese qualities in you. 10. YOUR INSULATION FROM A HARD WORLDSELF ESTEEM 11. Is feeling good about yourself, believing that you are awesome. Its about loving yourself and holding yourself in high regard.Self Esteem 12. Fall in love with yourself because; 1. you are perfect the way you are2. only you will be with you to the end, you might want to enjoy your company. 13. The Second Commandment Love your neighbor as you love yourself. You cant give what you dont have 14. SELF BELIEFis nothing more than believing that youve got what it takesConfidence 15. DREAM BIG AND BELIEVE Confident people tend to exhibit a Big Dreamers Complex They dream so big and believe in their dreams so much theyact as though it has already happened. Lets dream now.. 16. Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal Use the piece of paper given to you to dream a dream sobig that it could scare you. Imagine; - money is not a problem - time is not a problem Write it down 17. Be not afraid only believe. Mark 5:36 18. There is no substitute to selfbelief in the building ofconfidence and ultimately in theachievement of significance in life. 19. Your Experiences What people say about you ( outside programming) What you say about yourself (Internal programmingWhere does your self belief come from 20. YOUR EXPERIENCES Every experience you have been throughin life has been deposited forever in yoursubconscious mind. If youve failed in the past you couldadopt a belief that you are a failure However those who live to their potentialhave learned to turn every negativeexperience into learning points 21. If you want to increase yourchances of success, double yourrates of failureThomas Watson founder of IBM 22. WHAT PEOPLE SAYwe really cant decide what people will say about us, but we can decide if we will believe it or not.What people say about us is their opinion of us not the Truth of who we are. 23. What you say about yourself From the Fullness of a mans heartthe mouth speaks As a man thinketh in his heart, sois he.Jesus 24. HOW TO PROJECT CONFIDENCE 1.How you greet people 2. Your voice 3. Your posture 4. Your facial expressions 5. Your wrapping 25. summery Confidence is the commondenominator betweenleadership and success thethings we all want toachieve. People want to be with andwork with confident peoplebecause confidence rubs on. Confident people never haveto belittle others to feelbetter about themselves.