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As an international non-profit organization we believe in collective leadership skills for sustainability and the capacity to dialogue – for jointly created solutions across sectors, institutions, nations and cultures. We globally support leaders and change agents in private companies, public institutions and civil society who anchor their action in the concern for the greater good and the future of humankind on this planet.

Text of Collective leadership for sustainability cli pptx (schreibgeschützt)

  • 1. Building Competence for SustainabilityCOLLECTIVE LEADERSHIPINSTITUTE 1
  • 2. If you want to travel fast, Travel alone. If you want to travel far, Travel together. African ProverbCollective Leadership for Sustainability Collective Leadership Institute e.V. Eisenhartstrae 2 14469 Potsdam Germany COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP 2 INSTITUTE
  • 3. Collective leaders create pathways for collaboratively findinginnovative solutions to the challenges of sustainability and for implementing them in a spirit of collective responsibility.This includes collaborative action and collective input into the creation of a future that many can own. They know that this requires personal maturity as much as the capacity to lead structural change. COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP 3 INSTITUTE
  • 4. Defining Collective Leadership for Sustainability Collective leadership for sustainability is the capacity of a group of leaders to deliver their contribution to a more sustainable future through assuming joint and flexible leadership in service of the common good. At the core of collective leadership is the human capacity to dialogue and transform differences into progress. It enables the transcendence of self-centered views, a prerequisite for successfully addressing the challenges of globalization and sustainability. 4 Collective Leadership Institute
  • 5. Building our capacity forCollective Leadership for Sustainability In building this capacity we need to travel an inner path and an outer path, and we need to do this in conjunction with fellow-leaders who are also prepared to take responsibility for a more sustainable future. Both paths are intertwined, traveling the inner path prepares us for the outer path, traveling the outer path strengthens the inner path. 5 Collective Leadership Institute
  • 6. Following the inner path . . . How can we find ways to open How up to collective intelligence? do we grow our capacity to sense the whole? How can we acces our own humanity? The inner path is the basis for the way we place ourselves in the context of the task and our way of leading. As a result we participate more consciously in the movement towards regeneration and sustainability. 6 Collective Leadership Institute
  • 7. Following the outer path . . . The outer path is the engine for the way we drive the change inconsciousness and behavior. With our individual competence and expertise we can lead towards sustainability in conjunction with others and make a difference. How do we strengthen our capacity to engage? How can we spot How innovative do we develop our capacity solutions? to lead future possibilities? 7 Collective Leadership Institute
  • 8. Connecting the inner and the outer paths How can we find ways to open up to collective intelligence? How do we grow our capacity to sense the whole? How do we strengthen our How Connecting inner & outer paths capacity to engage? can we acces our own humanity? How can we spot How innovative do we develop our capacity solutions? to lead future possibilities? 8 Collective Leadership Institute
  • 9. Voices of Collective Leaders For me, collective responsibility is responsibility shared. I dont deny hierarchy, there could be hierarchy, but it is more that whatever position you have you share the entire concern of the endeavor and then from that vantage point you are committed to complete your contribution. Manager of a multinational company 9 Collective Leadership Institute
  • 10. Voices of Collective Leaders Is collective leadership possible? You know, it is out there and has always been it keeps the world in balance, barely, but still It is enormously powerful and if one pays attention to that, that aspect of oneself, then suddenly one sees and hears how many others there are and how powerful it is, for me it is like a big stream, a river of interconnectedness of people who have a similar sense of responsibility and a similar focus. Director of an NGO 10 Collective Leadership Institute
  • 11. Voices of Collective Leaders I do believe collective leadership is possible, I think it is probably the only viable option for the future. There might be times when command and control are needed. But I think collective leadership is not only possible but healthy. I think of it as the way nature operates as much complexity as needed and as much simplicity as needed, an adaptive system. Public sector representative 11 Collective Leadership Institute