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THE AGE OF CO-CREATION: ASIA's RISING ROLE IN THE PARTICIPATION CULTURE This is part of the 2008 study by the Young Change Agents of Bates Asia. The whole study was designed to give young employees of Bates across Asia an open mic to voice their observations on the rising trend of "co-creation" and predict/foresee its implications in their markets. And this presentation focuses on the Philippines, with additional slides that were cut in the streamlining of the original report. Five years hence, some foreseen implications have become reality: 1. That the power of media will shift from the traditional to the indipendent - ex. 2. That public opinion will not be shaped by traditional columnists, rather by bloggers and Social media mavens - ex. Bayan Mo I-patrol Mo 3. That a new creative class will rise: welcome the Fliptoppers on YouTube, online artists, creative entrepreneurs 4. That there will be demand for young Digital experts in business organizations And the biggest prediction of them all: "As more minds become more open to the possibilities introduced by the Internet, more people, without leadership or structure of an organization, will create and co-create content, ideas, opinions and trends that will challenge the status quo." And in 2011-2012, we have the Arab Spring, WikiLeaks and the rise of Anonymous. The next mission - to find or direct order in this growing complexity.


1. Implications of Co-creation in thePhilippines 2. co las Ve cis an FrIan 3. The Young Change Agents Challengeat Bates 141:Select some of the brightest young people at Bates 141 andgive them an open mic on the future of our industry. 4. The Assignment: The age of co-creation: Asias rising role in the participation 5. The YCA definition of Co-Creationo Co-creation is a collaborative creative movement that invites all and benefits many.o It transfers the ownership of brands from companies to consumers in order to create new value.o It harnesses consumers desire and ability to influence their world. 6. The Assignment Per Country o Define how Co-creation is affecting culture in your country o Explain how Co-creation is affecting brands/marketing in your country o Outline the immediate opportunities for brands o Getting started give 5 tips for doing Co-creation in your 7. o CO-CREATIONS EFFECT IN THE COUNTRYS 8. With a 15.4% internet penetration in apopulation of 90M, and with an activeuser base of only 3.7M, the full effectsof the internet as a driver of co-creation still has to be felt. McCann Wave 3 Study of 2008 by funkmastermike 9. Right now, co-creation is largely asocial phenomenon. Philippineinternet users leads the world when itcomes to percentage of users joining social network sites In 08, 83 percent of Internet users in the Philippines have created social network profiles, having the highest percentage in the world. McCann Wave 3 Study of 10. Right now, co-creation is largely asocial phenomenon. Philippineinternet users leads the world when itcomes to percentage of users uploading pictures on these sites The highest percentage of users (86 percent) that have uploaded photos in these social networks was also posted by the Philippines in 2008. McCann Wave 3 Study of 11. Right now, co-creation is largely asocial phenomenon. Philippineinternet users leads the world when itcomes to percentage of users and reading blogs. Estimated 90 percent of Filipino users read blogs, second only to South Korea (92 percent). McCann Wave 3 Study of 12. And with dedicated writers and loyalreaders spread in social network sitesand blogs commenting on and discussingnational issues, a new sphere of publicopinion emerged. A sphere previouslydominated by only a few people in thecountrys strong media institutions. 13. Prior to the rise of these social media, there were only four companies virtually controlling national news and serving the watchdog function of providing social commentary to the nation. Two broadcast companies Two top dailies providing controlling news on TV and news on print and on the Radio 14. With power and influence, they stare down on sitting presidents and public officials and can themselves produce national politicians. They are kingmakers, trend-setters and social arbiters outside the 15. And with the Filipino mind largely being fed by their content outside the academe and the church, these institutions faced no competition in the marketplace of 16. What is real is what is on their news. What is heard is only what they published. What their opinion is what is socially 17. But with the growth of the internet, social commentary found a new voice co-created by thousands of educated bloggers, forums participants and other social media 18. Through the massive building and sharing of ideas, perspectives and arguments, a new sphere of public opinion is being 19. and a new public conscience is rising from 20. o HOW CO-CREATION IS AFFECTING BRANDS/MARKETING IN THE 21. Given that internet penetration is low, and more so the number of active users, Filipino netizens have not yet been given a concerted attention by mass brands. Instead, internet advertising is still niche advertising since the Philippine internet sphere is still a market of urban and more affluent 22. Brand activities online just becomeslimited to the targeting of high-valuecustomers by lifestyle brands. 23. Moreover, examples of co-creation by brands in the Philippines are still limited to low levels of 24. Consumer Participation by 25. Mass Customization by 26. But outside of big established brands, social network sites have become an online market among consumers. Small sellers of apparel, for example, are actively using Multiply to sell their 27. o OUTLINE THE IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR BRANDS WHICH CATEGORIES / BRANDS CAN BENEFIT MOST IMMEDIATELY FROM CO-CREATION IN YOUR COUNTRY AND AND 28. Right now, apparelbrands seem to be thecategory most benefitingfrom co-creation. Thespeed of the process fromideation to actualproduction leads toimmediate consumption. 29. Co-creation inthe apparelcategory byTeam 30. Another category where co-creation is highly possible because of this speed of process is the food industry. However, this has yet to be seen and 31. o GETTING STARTED 5 TIPS FOR DOING CO-CREATION IN THE 4 2 3 1 5 32. 14 2 35 Brand managers (and everyone in the upper level of the corporate ladder) can join social network sites themselves. Mesh with people and build opinions with them. Managers might even find a new POV for their 33. 41 35 2 Brands can also co-create un-branded social network sites where people can join. This will serve as a neighborhood for influencers where they can collaborate among themselves and then eventually co-create with the brand. A network of sports fans by Adidas perhaps? 34. 1 34 2 5 Co-create with bloggers. They have a network of dedicated readers. Brands can co-create content with them that their audience can 35. 4215 3 Learn from the young. Imbed a dedicated co- creation team within the 36. 14 53 2 Be willing to change.Co-creation is a change and change always starts in our heads. 37. THAT was the Bates 141 Implications Template. But there are more possible implications of 38. CO-CREATION: OTHER PHILIPPINE IMPLICATIONS Implications 1. Co-creative opportunities 2. Co-creation as new source of creative ideas 3. Demand for younger, internal co-creation 39. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games 40. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games This strong sense of community online is also one of the reasons why IDC has predicted that the number of online gamers in the Philippines will reach 6.3 million by 2008. This represents a huge opportunity for online advertisers wishing to target the Filipino market: Advergaming. Advergames respond to the needs of younger, tech-savvy consumers who demand more interactivity and fun when introduced to online advertising campaigns. - The Philippines: an online marketing snapshot Elizabeth Lloyed, iMedia 41. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games Advergaming can then become a venue for co-creation as brands can create cyber characters whom gamers can interact with, with or whithout their knowledge. 42. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games Youth engagement online gives brands more access to the youth. This can become venue for brands to engage the youth in conversation, which can lead towards co-creation. 43. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games And instead of putting them inside artificial environments such as FGD rooms to mine data, youth response to brand stimuli in cyberworld can possibly shed new insights. 44. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Public Opinion and Mass Action 45. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Public Opinion and Mass Action However, they are right only on one point: That the most vocal, most determined and most organized participants in the uprising were armed with cellphones and sent out a heretofore unimaginable number of text messages for about three days. These critics of People Power 2 were wrong everywhere else. For in the case of People Power 2, the message was crystal-clear, with solid basis and with urgency that challenged most Filipinos. It was either we stay put wherever we were or stand up in the forcible removal of a President who has violated the publics trust and laws big time. Unfortunately for Estrada, the purveyors of this message were not only backed up by the truth. They were also tech-savvy. They used technological tools beyond printing presses, mimeograph machines, telephones and fax machines. Instead, the People Power 2 forces organized or not had more potent tools in their hands: cellphones and the Internet Forward the message, answer the call for change TEXTING AND OTHER TOOLS OF A PEOPLE IN REVOLT By Anthony Ian Tonyo M. Cruz 46. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Public Opinion and Mass Action A President being ousted by a spontaneous outburst of people wielding mobile phones as weapons is a testament to the power of collective action made possible through connection. 47. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Public Opinion and Mass Action And if a society can shift the political landscape by just sharing information on mobile, so can it move other factors affecting them. If provoked, this same power can be forced on a corporation that may be seen as excessively abusive. Oil companies beware. This is the power of co-creation if wielded against someone. 48. O-CREATIONPPORTUNITIES: Public Opinion and Mass Action And co-creation can equally put leaders on the top. In the last gubernatorial election in the province of Pampanga, it was not the money of the richest that delivered the most effective campaign. It was the efforts of ordinary folks, the farmers, market vendors and ordinary families that toppled a political dynasty. 49. O-CREATION:NEW CREATIVE CLASS RISES 50. O-CREATION:NEW CREATIVE CLASS RISES Co-creation, as long as allowed, will challenge members of the traditional creative elite such as those in ad agencies, design houses, magazines and closed artist circles. 51. O-CREATION:NEW CREATIVE CLASS RISES It will allow for a wider source of creative ideas, whether artistic or not, whether from professionals or amateurs, from any region or province and from person of any station in life. Creativity, previously a monopoly of few elitist groups, will be democratized. 52. O-CREATION:NEW CREATIVE CLASS RISES As such, limiting ones self within set creative boundaries (hierarchy of creative authority or influence, set roles, creative rules) will only lead to stagnation and slow churn of ideas. 53. Co-creation in the Philippines:A fearless forecast 54. Filipino Internet users are more likely to be opinion leaders and earlyadopters compared to traditional media consumers. They are likely to beindividualistic, trend conscious, willing to pay for quality products and aretech-enthusiasts. - Yahoo-Nielsen Net Index 2008 55. As more minds become more open to the possibilitiesintroduced by the Internet, more people, withoutleadership or structure of an organization, will createand co-create content, ideas, opinions and trends thatwill challenge the status quo. 56. Co-creation, a new democratizing and unifying force,will be the biggest threat to all current networks,beliefs, dynasties and bureaucracies that dictate publiclife in the Philippines and can usher in a new erawhere more people are heard and more ideas areushered.But, if and only if it is realized. 57. Image sources(Please dont sue me) by funkmastermike you. 58. Image sources(Please dont sue me)¤t=ran_1.jpg you.