CLOC Legal Project Management and Simple RFPs

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LPM and Simple RFPSDavid Cunningham, CIO, Winston & Strawn Pratik Patel, Co-Founder, VP Legal Business Solutions, Elevate ServicesKen Callander, Managing Principal, Value Strategies

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Fundamental elements of a matter lifecycle.Matter LifecycleMatter

Fundamental elements of a matter lifecycle.Project Managing a MatterNew Matter IntakeECA / Risk AssessmentPreferred PanelsPhases / ActivitiesBudget to ActualsQualitative ScoringMatter ClassificationHistorical Matter AnalyticsRFPsAssumptionsForecast and AccrualsQuantitative ScoringInside / Outside StaffingBudget / EstimateTimelineInvoice ReviewFee ArrangementStaffingStatus and CommsEngagement LetterScope / Fee Change

Where and how can a law firm assist in matter assessment?What resources are available to consider strategy, team, and costs?


Rfp spectrum

Traditional RFPLean RFP New area / dont know the marketNeed to validate/ confirm firm capabilitiesLarge portfolio or matter that requires strategic selection analysisFormal and structuredUsed for Preferred Provider programs

Know who and/or have good relationships with firms you can engage quicklyFocused on matter strategy, staffing and pricingQuick turnaround Structured but limited questions

Informal RequestSimple request often to a single firmUnstructured no specific questions or format

The following encompasses the full scope of an RFPRFP (FULL) Process

PhaseQuestionQualifyWhich matters should be put to an RFP? How should it be used?How many and which firms should participate?GoalsWhat type of goals should be set for the RFP and for the matter?What is a simple RFP and when should it be used?Evaluation CriteriaWhat types of qualitative and quantitative criteria should be used?What types of pricing arrangements should be requested?What types of questions should be asked?How can we determine the cost vs. the value of the matter?DistributeHow much time should you give the firms to answer?What is the best method of managing/tracking the RFP?ResponseHow do you get firms to provide linear/comparable responses?How do you handle questions from firms? EvaluateWho should review the RFP and what information should they have?Should law firm interviews be part of the process?When should price be the primary factor?ApproveWhat happens if the preferred firm doesnt score well?Who should negotiate with the firms? What should be negotiatedHypotheticalsTransactions, litigation, advice and counsel and scope based

Questions for discussion

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Thank YouDavid CunninghamCIO, Winston & Strawn

Pratik PatelCo-Founder, VP Legal Business Solutions, Elevate

Ken CallanderManaging Principal, Value Strategies