Classical ballet

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  • 1. What is ballet? Ballet dancers Some History technique Origins Basic Positions Professional dancers Centre work Famous dancers and Dancers and their companiestraining Characteristics Ballet stories and videos Ballet Lessons Dressing up

2. Form of dancing Many unnaturalmovements Women on tips oftheir toes Men lift women Work team 3. Origins: Italy(Reinassance) Fancy entertaiments Not proffesional dancers Masks and costumes Catherine de Medicis (queenof France) Ballet Comique de la Reine King Louis XIV founded RoyalAcademy of dancing. 4. No more masks Plots and characters with their bodies Pointe shoes Russian Imperial Ballet of St Petersbourg La Sylphide (1832) New fashion Marius Petipa Russian Revolution(inmigration) 5. 6-8 years old Proffesionalbefore 20, retireby 45 Flexible,slim body Mentalcharacteristics(rythm,understanding) Express moods 6. Daily class,beforeperformance Estructure Bare (Strengthem and strech) Centre work Fast steps Jumps for boys Pointe work for girls 7. Feet strong Strained kneejoints or back If feet not strong you wear flat shoes 8. Two types of tutu Class:maillot,tights,flat shoe,pointe shoe 9. Every step begins or ends with one of thesepositions 10. Royal Opera House Covent Garden Ninette de Valois founded in 1931 Frederik Ashton Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev, Alicia Markova Tamara Rojo 11. Bolshoi Theatre Moscow Founded in 1776 Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya, Vaslav Nijinsky. 12. Founded in 1661 Louis XIV, Jean Baptiste Lully Marie Taglioni, Sylvie Guillem. 13. Choreography: Coralli and Perrot Music: Adam Giselle loves Count Albrecht. Her mother wants her to marry Hilarion,woodcutter. Hilarion discovers Albrechts fianc Giselle kills herself. 14. Choreography: Petipa Music: Minkus Kitri is engaged with Gamache, Don Quixote falls inlove with Kitri. Kitri loves Basilio They marry and run away. 15. Choreographer: McMillan Music: Prokofiev Based on Shakespearesplay Two lovers whose familiesare in a terrible fight. 16.