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Currently looking for Master Franchisees in Europe,M.East and SouthEast Asia.

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2. THE HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE FONDUE Fondue originated in Switzerland in the 18th century. The original versionconsists of cheese melted with wine and flour, which is served in a communalcaquelon. Guests use long forks to dip pieces of bread into the cheese. The dessertversion of this dish, chocolate fondue, began to gain popularity in the 1960s and1970s. Americans first enjoyed fondue of the Swiss variety, which is the classic cheesefondue served with crusty bread. The French name fondue is derived from the verb"fondre," which means "to melt" or "to dissolve." In the 1950s, Swiss cheese fonduebecame extremely popular in the United States, giving rise to "fondue parties" andthe making and selling of fondue pots, plates, and cooking serving utensils. Thepopularity of fondue inspired variations on this basic recipe and that is wherethe history of chocolate fondue begins. The exact origin of chocolate fondue is not known. Credit has been given toChef Konrad Elgi of New Yorks Chalet Swiss restaurant who, in 1952, createdthe bourguignon variation of fondue (beef cubes cooked in hot oil) and, in 1964, it issaid that he subsequently developed the chocolate variation as a dessert fondue.Credit has also been given to the Madison Avenue marketing efforts on behalf ofToblerone Swiss Chocolate in the 1950s. The Mayans could also claim credit forinventing chocolate fondue, since chocolate was first served in their pots as athick, dense drink over 2,500 years ago. Confidential Info. C&C2 3. THE COMPANYCHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE was founded in 2010 bringing to the market theunique and pioneer chocolate wheels system and a new product: the ChocolateFondue on the Go. A solid franchise system created and focused in giving to the world the flavor of highquality melted chocolate, blended with the freshest fruits ; healthy food is the nameof the game, nowadays considered the fastest growing food segment in theinternational markets. Our state of the art kiosks will be located in the main Malls across the world,bringing to the market a unique and delicious treat, served in a fast food way. The CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE franchise system offers state of the artequipments, constant know-how development and supporting services for all itsfuture Network around the world. The CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE team professionals bring with them theexperience of more than 15 years in the Food and Franchising Industry.Confidential Info. C&C 3 4. THE CONCEPT BEHINDSUCCESS!!! Imagine a cascade of chocolate pouring over fresh fruit - the appealing aroma ofrefined chocolate fondue filling the air and enticing your senses... This dream is now a reality with CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE , a franchisebusiness opportunity now available around the world market that will havechocolate lovers asking for more. And melting for becoming part of he C&Cnetwork!!! Confidential Info. C&C4 5. THE OPPORTUNITY CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE is a chocolate fondue company that offers anirresistible product through a proven business concept. CHOCOLATE &CHOCOLATEs exquisite fondue is attracting chocolate lovers and potentialinvestors everywhere. Now ready for the world market, we offer an unsurpassedopportunity. Chocolate is one of the fastest growing dessert franchise concepts in theFranchise Industry . Join C&C now while prime locations are still available. Kiosk is turnkey installed and ready to operate . A new concept malls are hungry for. Become part of the $1.5 billion gourmet chocolate industry thats rate of growthis faster than specialty coffee. Confidential Info. C&C 5 6. THE ADVANTAGES State-of-the-art kiosk ( 10 m2) We have established relationships with some of the leading malls developersfor prime locations Assistance in negotiating the lease for the location Advertising campaign development to create brand awareness & recognition atthe point of sale Operational training for franchisee and employees Assistance in quality control aiming at uniformity of the franchise operationalstandards Assistance in choosing suppliers that meet our quality standards User friendly management software and tech support Confidential Info. C&C 6 7. THE BUSINESS FORMATSTHE KIOSKS C&C franchises operate from state-of-the-art kiosks, which feature the famous chocolate-spinning wheels custom designed by C&C! This main feature displays a cascading flow ofchocolate rotating on four spinning wheels behind a glass window. Our innovative kiosk system, designed for retail malls, is made to ensure maximumprofitability in prime locations. This main effect allows consumers to see and smell the process of pouring chocolate overfresh fruit leading them into impulsive buying. Our kiosks have been designed to provide avery powerful sensorial marketing tool , which will become the ground ofsuccess for our franchisees. Additional business formats* are under laboratory development at this stage; westrongly believe that different market approaches will bring added value to our shareholders and mostly to our Franchisees. * STORE STORE IN STORE EVENT MODULE INDOOR KIOSKS Confidential Info. C&C7 MOBILE UNITS 8. THE MILLENIUM KIOSKKIOSK MILLENIUM 10 m24.Menu Boards2.Chocolate Wheels 3.Tilt 1.FruitsConfidential Info. C&C 8 9. The CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATEBUSINESS Our state of the art products and our constant support to our franchisees are themost important areas of concern for CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATE. This will be the reason behind the success of our franchised network and for ahigh ROI * for any entrepreneur wishing to adhere to our system.* ROI: Return on Investment One of the lowest investment concepts in the food business segment; simple andneat operational methods and very easy to implement and set up. The combination of the right location and CHOCOLATE & CHOCOLATEsinnovative products generate immediately high traffic consumer flows and highsales levels, whilst other franchised concepts have to go through the normalmaturation process.Confidential Info. C&C9 10. THE PRODUCT MIX More than 200 possible Fondue combinations 4 kinds of chocolate: Milk, Dark, White and Diet Several different amazing toppings ( Chestnut, colored sprinkles, cream, syrup,etc) 9 different kinds of fruits Take away boxes Fruit and chocolate Skewers Standard and Special Hot/Cold Coffee and Chocolate Drinks/Beverages Smoothies Waffles Possibility to include local special products, depending on Country/Region of operationConfidential Info. C&C10 11. MENU FEATURES FONDUES SKEWERS WAFFLES ICE CREAM CHOCOLATE SHAKES SPECIAL COLD/HOT COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE BEVERAGES CHOCOLATE SPECIALTIES TAKE AWAY BOXES Confidential Info. C&C 11 12. THE INGREDIENTSTHE CHOCOLATEDARK CHOCOLATE MILK CHOCOLATE WHITE CHOCOLATE DIET CHOCOLATE Confidential Info. C&C 12 13. THE INGREDIENTSTHE CHOCOLATE Milk Chocolate - great nutritious and energetic value, quick metabolization andgreat digestability. Balanced, produced with the association of cocoa, milk and sugar.It contains sugar, protein, albumin, globulin, casein, mineral salts, vitamins, butter(natural fat), cafein and theobromine Dark Chocolate it contains flavonoids (antioxidant) that retards the damages tothe body cells. It is good for blood circulation. Cocoa butter, present in chocolate,is considered a good kind of fat, because it doesnt raise the blood cholesterol levels. Diet Milk Chocolate it doesnt contain sugar. It contains lactose deriving fromnatural presence in powder milk and only 0,18% sacarosis also from natural presencein raw material. Not recommended for a low calorie diet. Nutritionist or doctor orientation is advisableto control the amount consumed. This product can present laxative effects when ingested in excess. It is not advisableto consume over 100g per day. * C&Cs Diet Fondue contains 65g of chocolate. Only chocolate is diet; the other sideorders are not. Confidential Info. C&C13 14. THE INGREDIENTSTHE CHOCOLATE DEEP DARK CHOCOLATE SECRETS Is dark chocolate too good to be true? You probably have heard that dark chocolate is goodfor your health, but is it true? Yes it is. Here are some dark chocolate facts that you will behappy to read. We consider them to be "deep dark chocolate secrets." You dont have to keepthese secrets, but be careful. If you tell your friends they may dig into your supply of darkchocolate! Dark chocolate helps prevent heart disease. Dark chocolate can contribute to lowering your blood pressure. Dark chocolate can help in prevention of cancer due to a high level offlavonoids/antioxidants - a higher level than wine, berries, and green tea. Dark chocolate is a valid source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. Dark chocolate helps to generate seratonin in the brain, creating a healthy "feel good"sensation. Dark chocolate does not cause acne or "zits." the milk content of other chocolates can causeacne, but not dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is less likely to cause cavities than other candy because it melts more quickly inthe mouth and the cocoa butter actually protects the teeth. Dark chocolate flavonoids can help with your blood circulation in the same way that aspirinhelps to reduce the likelihood of a blood clot. Sources: Harvard Mens HEalth Watch Confidential Info. C&C 14 15. THE INGREDIENTS THE CHOCOLATE White Chocolate Yes, its chocolate but just barely. Its all about the cocoa butter. Cocoa butter isa major component of the cocoa bean. The cocoa bean is the source of chocolate.So its chocolate. It just doesnt have any cocoa solids (chocolate liquor) in it. Its white because it lacks cocoa and no coloring can be added to it. FDA regulations require that white chocolate contain: At least 20% cocoa butter by weight At least 14% total milk solids by weight Not more than 55% nutritive carbo