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<p>LAKE BAIKAL </p> <p>LAKE BAIKAL:SITUATION ANALYSIS A complete and independent ecosystemAlso termed as Galapagos of RUSSIAA UNESCO world heritage siteLargest source of freshwater reserve for the local community</p> <p>Exceptional potential to study evolutionary science for researchers.Currently serious threats are posed to both Biotic communities and Human communities PRANAY SINGH M.B.A Student INDIA</p> <p>COLLABORATIVE MODEL3 PLAYERS</p> <p>LBCFGovernmentLBTSCorporate STCMobile appsLocal communitiesTourism</p> <p>PLAYER 1:GovernmentSetup a special taskforce committee for Lake Baikal with members predominantly from local communities.The committee will also oversee registration of all new business affecting Lake Baikal directly or indirectly.</p> <p>The committee will maintain a Lake Baikal Conservation Fund(LBCF) with initial funds from government and further from Lake Baikal Tourist Scheme(LBTS) our new business model.All the investment for development of Lake Baikal after initial years will done through LBCF in the region.</p> <p>Player 2: Local Communities Player 3: Corporate SectorThese two player will work in close cooperation.A new initiative Lake Baikal Tourist Scheme(LBTS) will be started with investment from Corporate sector.Every tourist will be provided with a Special Tourist Card(STC). It will enable them to pay for all their expenses in Lake Baikal region. The remaining amount will be refunded. </p> <p>A specialized mobile app can also be used and using M-commerce way can be beneficial for the purpose also.Whenever a customer uses LBTS for payment, 1% of that amount will go to LBCF. Furthermore people using Mobile app can also show their contribution to LBCF to their friends across the world using social media. </p> <p>4</p> <p>Promote Lake Baikal as Heritage location(around 1000 heritage structures are present in vicinity) and also as Adventure tourist destination because of its ecosystem. The current focus is too much on its natural beauty. This promotion can be done by private corporate world.This scheme will also generate new ecological initiatives taken by communities.Furthermore new employment opportunities are expected to emerge because of these initiatives.</p> <p>By being part of this unique model LBCF and LBTS private corporate have following advantage:Corporate Social Responsibilty is fulfilled.Increased marketing and advertising avenues for them.International brand name will be created for the companies.Local communities will gain as they have increased revenue.Lake Baikal will have sovereign fund with a local community which will take care of its preservation.</p> <p>5</p>