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  • 1. What is ChaCha?ChaCha is the place where millions of peoplego for definitive answers about everything.Through its ask-a-smart friend platform, ChaChas answered overa billion questions and owns the worldslargest Q&A database.ChaCha has emerged as the #1 way for brandmarketers to reach and engage with the audience of their choice.2

2. Millions of peopleChaCha each day for answers 3. ChaCha in the morning 4. ChaCha during the day 5. ChaCha at home 6. Powered by 63,000 Guides 7 at your service 24/7 7. How Users Rate ChaChaFriendly: 89% Trustworthy: 84% Relevant: 79% Source: Insight Express 8. ChaCha answer power25+ MillionTop 100 WebsiteMonthly unique users of ChaChaPer Quantcast & comScore Nearly 2 BillionQuestions ChaChas answered3+ Million 10 Per SecondAnswers provided to users per day Users who come to ChaCha 9. ChaCha lives on multiple platforms Online Apps &Text & Mobile Web Online Mobile Social MobileMessagingVoice Social Networks10 10. Who is theaudience? 11. Audience power online30+ million monthly uniques U.S.ACategory % Composition12-17 yrs oldYoung Explorers10.3 12.4 7.618-34 yrs oldTech Leaders 33.3 46.739.8 36.23633.918-44 yrs old Young Families51.4 64.8 6055.3 56.2 52.4$100,000+ HHI 21.4 25.420.5 22.52125.2 comScore, January 2011 Note: online data is provided beginning with 12 years old (mobile begins at A13) 12. Audience power on mobile6+ million registered mobile uniques (4M monthly) U.S.ACategory % Composition13-17 yrs old Young Explorers 7.7 17.47.810.910.6 8.618-34 yrs old Tech Leaders 31.4 67.3 54.550.448.9 52.718-44 yrs oldYoung Families48.9 76.1 73.670.969.8 67.6$100,000+ HHI26.8 33.3 30.534.531.1 32.8 comScore MobiLens, 2010 Mobile brand all access methods(SMS messaging, mobile web) 13. Tech LeadersA18-34 and multi-platform 14. Young Explorers1560% female with 74% A13-24 2006 NokiaBrandCommVI.ppt / YYYY-MM-DD / InitialsSource: Standard Transaction SMS Profile, 2010 15. Info SeekersUpscale, educated, informed 16. Young FamiliesExploring & sharing information 17. Audience profile High InvolvementTECH LEADERSTechnically advanced &use Internet, mobile &mobile readyiPad to access informationYOUNG EXPLORERSuse feature phones & On demand INFO SEEKERS are heavy texters use smart phones as part of their daily routineYOUNG FAMILIES useInternet for info & mobileis increasingly important. Practical Inspirational Use traditional Tend to media follow trends18 Low Involvement Sources: Comscore 2010 & Nielsen 2010 18. Our users ask millions of questions a day Who won the Steelers Jets game yesterday? Whats the best new game out for the Wii? What gas mileage does a 2011 Toyota Prius get? When does the movie TRON come to theaters? Whats the average age girls start their period? Is there a cost to switch from AT&T to Verizon? Wheres should I go to get an iPad for the best price? What day and time is Glee on in NY? Whats the best acne medicine? What year did Michael Jackson start singing? Is there a Canyon Ranch Spa in Las Vegas? 19. How can you useto engage withour audience? 20. Online engagement at a Top 100 site21 21. homepage takeoversYour brand can own: Featured Topics Custom Skins Trending Hot Topics Video Interstitial Ads Ad UnitsCPG Example (Coke Zero)22 22. Entire category takeovers Custom skins & ads Tie to mobile forbrand updates &coupons FB/Twitter share Fans can directlyengage with yourbrand Sci-tech Example (Best Buy)23 23. SpecialsSponsorship Opportunities: Custom skin takeovers Embeddable module sponsorship Video and still ads (interstitials) Banners Conversation sponsorships Last minute gift idea sponsorships Daily deals / coupons And moreValentines Day Example shown24 24. High impact editorial placement Link to topic page or your own hub Link to video content page25 Beauty / Health Example (Clean & Clear) 25. Exclusive and customized topics page Games Quizzes Polls that engage(i.e., Quick Questions) Reader Tips & Tools 26. Make your brand viral Users take out aboutfind the theirshare to quiz,Custom quizzes the quiz for prizes shooting and prizes across platforms social networks, online viral spread and leaderboard creating Mobile sends users to web to find out about the quiz!How old is Miley Cyrus?Your Q is music to our ears! *Want2 find out if UR one of the top Bieberfans? Rply BIEBERQ 4 quiz and wina prize pak! Or go online now! BIEBERQQ: In what city will the JustinBieber movie Never Say Neverpremiere take place? Text backA: NY, LA, Miami27 27. High impact videoInterstitial videos inserted between question and answerensures user viewing at the peak moment of engagement. 28. Engage them with mobile video messaging Leverage your existing video, logos and coupon content Send them to millions of ChaCha users Reach 90+% of the market smart phones AND feature phones! Sports Example (Reebok)29 29. Mobile apps and text messaging Put your messaging in front of millions Provide your alerts, How much is the average SUVfrom Chevy? coupons and news Great Q, were on it! *Ford has a surprise 4 you! Be among the first to find out Grab users attention about the 2012 Ford Focus no competitionand enter to win one! Txt FORD! Smartphones allow for FORD media rich ads as users await answers Take a new look at the 2012 Ford Focus!Auto Examples Ford30 30. 2011 event calendar January February March AprilMayJune Diet/Exercise Super Bowl 45 NCAA Dating / Mothers Day Fathers Day Valentines Day Oscars Relationship Memorial Personal FinanceWeekendJuly AugustSeptemberOctober November December Back to School & College NASCAR Sprint MLB World Holiday Gift Holiday Pets Football EmmysSeries Giving Entertainment & Person of Year31 31. Verified audience targeting ChaCha online:ContextualCategories & keywordsDemographic data1500 datapoints on each userBehavioralVertical data sets (movies, age..) ChaCha mobile:AgeGenderCategory/topicKeyword/phraseLocation (zip code or better)Time of day / day of weekAvailable for mobile text & video ads32 32. Some of Our Major Clients ChaCha was the perfect partner for our launch. Viewers want to engage with our content and talent inunique, new ways. This provided a completelyimmersive, cross-platform experience.Cameron Death, Sr. VP & GMNBC Universal Digital Studios33 33. Powered by people, for powerful engagement.THANK YOU!Insert Client Logo HereJoe/Jane Salesperson, Title February XX, 2011 34. Appendix 35. Unique & Unduplicated AudienceTech Leaders Where Tech Leaders Live% Unduplicated Unduplicated Audience **69% 14 Million77% 18 Million80% 19 Million86% 20 Million comScore, 2010 Note: online data is provided beginning with 12 years old (mobile begins at A13)** Audience measurement from comScore, Google Analytics and internal measurement 36. Unique & Unduplicated Audience Young Explorers Where Young Explorers Live % Unduplicated Unduplicated Audience**56% 13 Million66% 16 Million90% 21 Million97% 23 Million comScore, 2010 Note: online data is provided beginning with 12 years old (mobile begins at A13)** Audience measurement from comScore, Google Analytics and internal measurement 37. Unique & Unduplicated AudienceInfo SeekersWhere Info Seekers Live % Unduplicated Unduplicated Audience**63% 15 Million85% 20 Million88% 21 Million70% 16 Million comScore, 2010 Note: online data is provided beginning with 12 years old (mobile begins at A13)** Audience measurement from comScore, Google Analytics and internal measurement 38. Unique & Unduplicated Audience Young FamiliesWhere Young Families Live % Unduplicated Unduplicated Audience**78% 18 Million83% 19 Million94% 22 Million94% 22 Million comScore, 2010 Note: online data is provided beginning with 12 years old (mobile begins at A13)** Audience measurement from comScore, Google Analytics and internal measurement 39. Offerings and custom campaignsWeb:Mobile: Social: High Impact Visuals Media Rich Ads Facebook and Twitter Contextual Ads Mobile Apps - Tune-in Takeovers & Skins Opt-in Lists- Editorial Channel Ownership- VIP/Loyalty Lists- Links to Videos Custom Channels- Tune-in Reminders- Engaging Quizes Banner Ads - Coupons Editorial Content Text & Mobile Video Campaigns - Reviews & News 40. ChaCha is the recognized leader in mobile #1 in real-time mobile answers41 41. We drive engagement and resultsClean & Clear11.7% overall response rate4.6% email coupon opt-in rateCoca-Cola5.2% overall response rateTwilight Eclipse26% increase in ticket salesNBC Universal Digital5.53% CTR for opt-in mobile show alerts 42. 2011 Honors and Awards WINNER: Best Direct Response WINNER Industry Star Award WINNER: Best Location BasedFINALISTBest Fan Content FINALIST Best Innovation#1 in Text web traffic jumped 116% in 2010.Vivien Wang, comScore, Inc.43