Case Study - Business Transformation

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Case Study showcasing how PeopleWiz helped its client in transforming the organization.

Text of Case Study - Business Transformation

  • 1. Case Study in ManagingBusiness Transformation Scaling up the turnover PeolpleWiz Project Archive

2. Client Overview The client is one of the largest manufacturers of milk and other dairy processing equipmentin India. The company plans to expand sales to two more states. With over 100 employees inthe staff and worker cadre, the company has seen steady growth. The brand is established in the western and southern part of the nation and the company hasplanned aggressive growth in the domestic business through tender based and direct sales. With a plan to grow the turnover five times in the coming three years, the management waskeen on taking its organization design to the next league. Implementing new organization structure to prepare for growth and expansion and provideits employees a professional work environment was seen as the cornerstone for preparingfor success. PeopleWiz partnered the client as Business Transformation partners with focus on managingpeople and processes to support the aggressive growth plans. The Transformationprogramme was branded Akanksha 3. Business Challenge The rider is set. Organizational growth strategy is created and blueprint of the future is ready.But no amount ofmuscle power willmove the Elephant.Unless the people,structure and processesare aligned and engagedfor the change, anytransformation initiative isbound to fail. -3- 4. The Seven Ton Challenge to AkankshaLack of awarenesson modern manufacturingmethods, quality systems and processesLack of robust performance management Risk averse culture thatis owner Inadequate manpowerInadequate driven in managerial cadre trainingLack of sharedLack of collaborative vision forworking across the futurefunctions -4- 5. Motivating the ElephantBenefits led business transformationCreate Businesscase, identify benefitsand track benefits tomotivate businessreadinessEngage key Align organizationalinfluencers andarchitecture with theopinion makers in theprocess andorganizations to technologycreate a positivearchitecture. Clarifymomentum new roles, performance measures and institute best practices in people managementMake people understandEquip thewhat they are working workforce withtowards and relevant skillshow they will achieve itbased on the newtogetherroles identified forthem Beginning with benefits identification, ensures that all business change activities are aligned to benefits realization 6. Akanksha Program PlanTransformation Future stateSolution IntroducingMonitor & trackImperativeand objectives RoadmapchangeChange Levers OrganizationOrganisation ImpactChange Agent Process, Role & Org Process, Role, Org change implmtn.,Design Assessment Engagement Impact Assessment & Change education for usersStakeholderBusinessIdentify KeyCommunications Delivery, Feedback Analysis, ResistanceStakeholders Stakeholder Strategy ManagementEngagementReadinessCommunication CommunicationCommunication Strategy SupportAnalysis & Plan Ongoing Communication EventsCommunicationsTraining Strategy Learning &Training DesignTraining Material Training Delivery, Feedback development & PrototypeTraining NeedsDevelopmentAnalysis,Analysis Review for next Phase Business OverallImplementationProgramme team Org readiness criteria, planning & assessment Remedial planningReadinessapproachRealisation prep 7. SuccessThrough the adoption of a Program Management methodology and a formal changemanagement (CM) approach, the organization was able to design and employ organizationaldesign changes effectively and smoothly.The business is prepared to perform in the new setting. The CM effort has provided employeesthe information and tools they need to embrace change and integrate it into everyday workpractice. In addition, CM is integrated with employee training and support.Better collaboration, vendor development and process correction in procurement & productionplanning has resulted in an increase of 12% production level and continues to improve.The restructured and sector based sales team has increased the number of relevant enquiries.The order conversion ratio is on a steady rise.The first year business results since launch of Akanksha have been encouraging. The business isset to achieve its goal. PeopleWiz continues to support the client in its transformation journey.