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Digital Time Capture Webinar Slides: Capture Time & Save Money. Janurary 27, 2011.

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  • 1. Digital Time Capture Industrial Timesheet Management TM StrategicAlliance Partner

2. Who We Are The defacto Timesheet Management Solution for the Industrial Construction Industry 3. The Industry

  • Every contractor responsible for capturing and reporting daily timesheet information.
  • Companies are obligated & legislated to pay their employees correctly and on time.
  • Accuratelycapturing all the required information within the time constraints is impossible without the right systems. 4. 5. Examples

  • Capture, Calculate & Validate
  • Before posting to payroll

Function Challenge Classification Override Employees role changes temporarily Bonus based on Hours Partial hours worked Turn Around Pay Starts late, leaves early Misc. Lump SumOne time payment Attendance Record Validation & Performance LOAWho qualifies, who doesnt 6. Why is Accuracy Important?

  • Cost of incorrect data 3 to 5x greater
  • Tight time-lines, corrections are time consuming
  • Late or incorrect payroll can result in
    • Penalties
    • Disgruntled employees
    • More time correcting and managing complaints 7. 8. Case Study 1

  • Challenge
  • Large contracting group struggled to standardize the way time and payroll information was captured and calculated.
  • ERP system was not flexible enough to accommodate requirements from multiple subsidiaries, multiple project environment.

  • The Reality
  • Inability to standardize resulted in disparate systems (spreadsheets, customer systems to paper-based solutions).Costly and inefficient $175,000/yrs.

9. Case Study 1

  • The Solution
  • DTC flexible project centric model enabled company to standardize on one system that could be configured in each subsidiary to meet each specific project requirement.

  • The Benefits
  • Time and payroll data for all 12 subsidiaries and all 55 branch offices is captured in DTC, validated and submitted weekly to JD Edwards for payroll processing. Savings of $150,000 annually.

10. Case Study 2

  • Challenge
  • There are dozens of pre-payroll items which need to be managed and calculated prior to correctly processing craft payroll.These items can be grouped into premiums, dues, benefits and per diems.

  • The Reality
  • Currently ADP customers in the industrial sector manage these items in spreadsheets and at payroll cutoff need to manually calculate and enter them into ADP.

11. Case Study 2

  • The Solution
  • DTC empowers the customers to take control of the management and calculation of the pre-payroll items.In turn this ensures that they are correct and seamlessly submit the payroll electronically to ADP for processing.

  • The Benefits
  • This greatly improves the overall ease of use and significantly reduces the effort currently required to manage the payroll process.

12. Case Study 3

  • Challenge
  • Contractor specializing in shutdowns was unable to accurately collect payroll data for weekly payroll cut-off.Contractor used spreadsheets & JD Edwards.

  • The Reality
  • Two separate jobs were fined in excess of $125,000 each for late payroll.

13. Case Study 3

  • The Solution
  • DTC rapid data entry screens enabled the contractor to quickly and easily capture and calculate accurate payroll source data and seamlessly submit the payroll electronically to JDE for processing.

  • The Benefits
  • Contractor completed a 30 million dollar shutdown weekly payrolls were accurately processed on time.No penalties
  • $5,000 outstanding at the end of the job.

14. 15. 16. 17. Return on Investment

  • Increased timesheet/payroll accuracy
  • Reduce the effort required to accurately capture timesheet information
  • Avoid penalties and disgruntled employees

18. Return on Investment DTC will save you $0.25 per man-hour 50 person crew = $27,000 year 19. Industrial Focus 20. Beyond Timesheets 21. Benefits of DTC

  • Beyond Timesheet Management
    • Primavera Integration
    • Equipment Scheduling & Costing
    • Certification Tracking
    • ERP Integration
    • Safety Statistics
    • Attendance/Evacuation Reporting

22. Why Integrate

  • Single Version of the TRUTH:
    • Ability to make decisions based upon complete information
    • Ability to make quicker decisions
    • Increase operational efficiency
    • Reduce administrative costs
    • Increase collaboration between departments 23. Single Point of Entry Plan/Schedule Financial/Payroll Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Financial Chart Field (G/L) WBS & WFP mapped to Schedule & GL On-site Data Collection DTC provides daily cost reporting so that every team member understands progress relative to cost and target across all projects. 24. Easy Integration WBS Hours by Classification 25. Recommended Integration APIWeb Services DTC Regions 26. Digital Time Capture Employees Swipe In/Out TimesheetValidate 27. Who is On-Site 28.

  • Microsoft
  • ADP
  • Oracle/ Primavera
  • Blackberry DTC Partners 29. 30. 31. Next Steps

  • DTC Demo
  • Free Efficiency Assessment 32.

  • Scott Cuthbert
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • [email_address]
  • 780.454.3301 Ext 223