Capture Important Moments In Your Life With Phantom Flex Camera

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Phantom Flex is capable of recording 2,570 fps at 1920x1080 and includes an innovative high quality mode offering ultimate image quality. This device can be used for any kind of workflow solution. You can also avail a wide range of flexibility with the features integrated into this device. Flex is known to offer extended degree of versatility, especially in areas of high speed motion capturing. It also goes beyond High definition to support 4 MP imaging specifically if the highest resolution is necessary. Based on the shooting resolution and mode, the Flex can be used to shoot from 5fps to around 10,750fps. With video workflow, Phantom Flex will be offering a video signal which is independent of camera resolution. The best thing about Flex is that it can accept a wide range of lenses of industry standard. As this digital camera is incorporated with excellent features and it can be hard for most people to own it. However, they can make use of rental service and rent the camera for capturing some important moments in High quality. Slow Motion Video Capturing Services: While Phantom Flex is used for capturing high speed motion, you can hire professionals or obtain Slow motion video services to capture normal or high speed motion as slow as possible. However, not all the cinematographer videographer can provide these services as they involve a lot of complication. Even the small details should be capture intricately to come up with the best slow motion video. There are many companies and videographers out there providing such to people. But, you should be very cautious and conduct in depth researches to know everything about these experts before hiring them. Whether you are hiring an individual expert or a professional company, you should review their expertise and experience and decide whether or not they are capable of catering your needs in terms of providing Slow motion video services. provides phantom flex camera rental and slow motion video services to the worldwide customers.


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