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campaign model canvas is simply a strategic management tool which allows you to describe, challenge and track all assumptions your making about your upcoming campaign.


  • 1. Business Model CanvasCampaign EngineeringAlbin BajramovicFundCaster.CO

2. No Plan Survives FirstContact With Customers- Steve Blank 3. CustomerSegmentsUniqueValuePropositionKeyPartnersKeyActivitiesKeyResourcesUnfairAdvantageChannelsTotalExpensesCampaign Expenses Production Expenses 4. Unique Value PropositionValue HypothesesWhat value are you delivering toyour backers? Performance Customization Getting the Job Done Design Price /Cost Reduction Risk Reduction Convenience/Usability Team Newness 5. Customer SegmentsFor whom are you creating value?Who are your most importantcustomers? Who do you benefit? Who is your perfect customer? Where do they hang out?Create buyer backer personasfor each segment! 6. ChannelsWhat media outlets are you goingto use to reach your potentialbackers? Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Email lists Bloggers Media outlets 7. UnfairAdvantageHow are you better/differentfrom your competition? The Team Insider Information Authority Single-minded passion 8. Key ActivitiesWhat are the most crucial stepsyou need to take to advance yourcampaign?- CommunicationWhat are the biggest friction point that needsyour attention? Channel discovery and development Size of the network Marketing Product Development Assets Development Video Story Rewards 9. Key ResourcesWhat key resources do you needto secure to run your campaign? Intellectual (IP) Financial Human 10. Key PartnersWho are your key partners?Who are your key suppliers? Industry experts Video producer Social Media Strategist Bloggers Evangelists 11. ProductionExpenses Manufacturing CostHow much money will it cost todeliver on your value proposition?Which key resources are mostexpensive?Which key activities are mostexpensive? Design Rent Equipment Salaries 12. CampaignExpenses Platform FeesWhat aspects of your campaigndo you need to outsource? Video production Photos Social Media Strategist Rewards Shipping Copywriting PR & Marketing 13. Check out the full class @