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  • ExpoPromoter Buyer program List of conditions and works performed by ExpoPromoter in the CIS region for buyers (prof. visitors) attracting to the trade shows.
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program Trade show organizer is obliged to provide buyers with free show admission tickets. Tickets can be sent in electronic form or sent to ExpoPromoter office by post for further passing to the registered buyers. For buyers attracting in Russian Internet network ExpoPromoter performs ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program (promotion campaign) event information translation into Russian listing event information in ExpoPromoter web partners network (trade shows and fairs calendar located on 250 web sites)
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program (promotion campaign) event ad block placement in ExpoAdvert ad network (minimum impressions number is 100 000)
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program (promotion campaign) contextual advert placement for Russian speaking audience
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program (promotion campaign) ad blocks (banners) placement on the web sites of trade shows similar industries
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program (promotion campaign) event information newsletter sending out to ExpoPromoter network subscribers (more than 50 000 subscribers)
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program - How you control it ExpoPromoter creates and submits Buyer registration form
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program - How you control it Buyer fills out registration form
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program - How you control it Buyer registration section was also added to ExpoPromoter organizer admin panel
  • ExpoPromoter buyer program - How you control it This section contains the list of all registered buyers and all information filled out by them in the registration form.
  • Buyer program - Services cost and payments order Payment is settled per each registered buyer: Number of registered buyers 1 buyer cost less than 100 10 from 100 to 250 8 from 250 to 500 6,5 more than 500 5 Before buyer program applies, event organizer makes advance payment of 250 Euro per each event(advance payment will be lately subtracted from the final payment). Final payment is collected after all works are done depending on the result achieved, i.e. number of registered buyers (see the table above to calculate your final payment). If your order budget is worth of more than 5 000 Euro, individual package services will be offered
  • What is ExpoPromoter: professional service for trade show industry more than 4 000 clients - trade show organizers the biggest event database for business - more than 35 000 events in the world more than 250 partner web sites that publish ExpoPromoter events' information more than 500 000 users monthly - event participants and visitors more than 2,2 mln. event information views per month