Business Model iPhone vs Blackberry

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Analyse du produit iPhone et Blackberry. Comparaison des deux produits et préconisations. Mon profil: Twitter: Aliaz:

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  • 1. Business Model Iphone VS BlackberryBethmont Laura Rouquette Audrey Blondin Adrien

2. Customer segments Blackberry Iphone Professional target (email Customer with design &send and receive)simplicity approach Hedonist & professional Young people (prescriber)consumers Innovators & Early adopters 3. Value Proposition BlackberryIphone Professional application Design sensibility, ergonomicsinterfaces and creativity Multiple tools for business (readmany files) Convenience & simplicity Know-how of quality and reliable Performant customer services Push technology Training for user Genius bar Security Multi task product (music,games, Environment global Apple 4. Customer relationshipBlackberry Iphone Faithfull strategy Community apartenance(following brand volution) Individual conquest Life style Development of businessevents to present new Way of thinkingtechnologies Feel special 5. ChannelsBlackberryIphone Specialize store (Fnac, Apple StoreVirgin, Phone House) Apple Web site All operators Specialize store(Fnac, Virgin, Phone House) All operators 6. Revenues StreamsBlackberry Iphone Sales : 8,3 M Sales : 20 M Turnover : $4,17 B Turnover : $12B Personal services Applications sales Additional sales Applications sales 7. Key ActivitiesBlackberry Iphone Events with professionals Events in Apple Store Innovation Teasing with annualKeynote Core business :professionals solutions Innovation capacity Application development 8. Key RessourcesBlackberryIphone R&D Jonathan Ive (designer) Engineer Steve Jobs (ex-CEO) Software & Server R&D Professional image Brand notority 9. Key Partners Blackberry Iphone Phone operators Phone operators Applications Creator Coopetition with Samsung (Screen technology) Applications Creator 10. Cost StructuresBlackberry Apple Employees Store Raw Materials Employees Maintenance Server Raw Materials R&D R&D Communication Communication 11. IPHONE vs BLACKBERRYPerformance & Technology VsDesign & User Friendly 12. StrategyrecomendationsIntegration for Blackberry in China, India, Brazilmarket Create a service for businesses customers : replacethe Blackberry (with contact, mail and schedulesynchronization) directly.