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Business Communication in Organization

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Business Communication in OrganizationBGC Trust University Bangladesh

Presented byMohammad IsmailSamiran DasTapan DasAla Uddin

Team BStudents of EMBA8th BatchJuly-December, 2014BGC Trust University BangladeshTopicsDefinitionMedia used for communicationTypes of communicationBarriers of communication

BGC Trust University BangladeshDefinitionA Business is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers .

Communication is a process of sending and receiving massages i.e. exchanging facts, ideas, opinions or emotions between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behaviour.BGC Trust University BangladeshDefinitionBusiness communicationis the sharing of information between people within an organization that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization.

Business Communication differ from other types of communication, not by its means of communicating but by its objectives.BGC Trust University BangladeshRelationship between Business & CommunicationBGC Trust University BangladeshBusiness is not possible without communicationIt is the backbone of every businessWithout effective communication of information, a business will struggle with a lack of understanding, motivation and directionTake care of communication & success shall take care of itselfRelationship between Business & CommunicationBGC Trust University Bangladesh Everyone remains United Feedback Improves Customer Relationship Improves Employee Relationship Enforcing rules Enhanced Innovation Increase Efficiency Serves as lubricant that keep organization functioning Serves as means of social interaction with stakeholdersComponents of CommunicationBGC Trust University Bangladesh

Components of CommunicationBGC Trust University Bangladesh Sender/Encoder- is a person who sends the message Message- is a key idea that the sender wants to communicate Encoding (Communication symbol)- process of conversion of subject matter into symbols Medium- Medium is a means used to exchange/transmit the message Recipient/Decoder- is a person for whom the message is intended Decoding- is the process of translation of an encoded message into ordinary understandable language Feedback- It helps the sender in confirming the correct interpretation of message by the decoderCommunication Process

BGC Trust University BangladeshMedia used for CommunicationMedia(the plural ofmedium) are the collective communication outlets or tools that are used tostoreand deliverinformationordata.

It is either associated with communication media, or the specialized communication businesses such as: print media and the press, photography, advertising, cinema, broadcasting (radio and television), and/or publishing.

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

Media used for Communication..

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

Media used for Communication

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

The media oforal communicationare face to face conversation, group discussion, counseling, interview, telephone or mobile, radio, television, conference, meetings etc.

Media used for Verbal CommunicationThe media of written communication are newspaper, letter, report, memo, mail, note etc.

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

Media used for Non-Verbal CommunicationMedias or ways or methods or kinds of Non-Verbal CommunicationBody language:Facial expression GesturesPostureEye Gaze or Eye contactAppearance and dressTouchSilence

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

Face is the index of mind.BGC Trust University BangladeshMedia used for Non-Verbal Communication.Silence

B. Space or proximityBGC Trust University Bangladesh

Media used for Non-Verbal Communication.

C. Time Kill the time to delay the justiceTypes of Communication Employed in Business OrganizationBGC Trust University BangladeshThere are several types of communication in our practical life. It depends on organizational pattern; parties of organization involved; number of workers, pattern of activates etc. the types of communication are:

Based on parties Based on media OthersBGC Trust University BangladeshVerticalUpwardInternal CommunicationFormal ChannelsExternal CommunicationGovt. AgenciesCustomersClients, Public, etc.Informal ChannelsGrapevineHorizontalDiagonal/CrossDownwardCommunication Based on PartiesTypes of Communication..BGC Trust University BangladeshCommunication Based on MediaWritten CommunicationMass CommunicationOral/Verbal CommunicationNon-Verbal CommunicationPersonal CommunicationInterpersonal CommunicationOthers CommunicationTypes of Communication..Others communication:

Mass communication:Mass communication is a process of transmitting information, thoughts, opinions or attitude through specific channel or media to a large number of heterogeneous audiences.

Personal communication:When people exchanged information related to their personal life or personal affair is known as personal communication.

Interpersonal communication:Interpersonal communication occurs when two individuals are involved or exchanging information, ideas, opinions, feelings relating to the personal, social, organizational, national and international matter who are located in the same place.

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

Types of Communication..BGC Trust University BangladeshBarriers to Communication

BGC Trust University BangladeshBarriers to Communication

Organizational BarriersThese barriers arise when duties and line of authority are not clearly defined. Various types of organizational barriers are: Policy Rules and regulations Facilities Complex organization Status and position

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

Barriers to Communication..

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

Barriers to Communication..Communication barriers encountered by the Communicator

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

Barriers to Communication..Communication barriers encountered by the Recipients

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

BGC Trust University Bangladesh

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