Building an Iconic Destination That Inspires and Endures

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Shows how the three change drivers - technology, values and biophysical reality are inter weaving and necessitating a new approach to destination marketing and management. Hosts must wake up and become community change agents

Text of Building an Iconic Destination That Inspires and Endures

  • Building an Iconic Destination That Inspires and Endures Anna Pollock, Founder, Conscious Travel
  • Thanks for having me back!
  • Come to the edge.We cant.Were afraid.Come to the edge.We cant. We will fall!Come to the edge.And they came.And he pushed them.And they flew
  • Why??Breakdown or Breakthrough?Tourism is the biggest connecting activity on the planetTravel & Tourism has a unique role to play in helpingus breakthroughTourism will either be part of the solution or part of theproblem 4
  • Accelerated ConsumptionTHE PERFECT STORM Climate Change Energy & Fuel Material Resource Scarcity Food scarcity Water Scarcity Ecosystem Decline Disparate Prosperity Government Debt Lack of Global Governance Political Instability Pandemics
  • The State Were In
  • What the Graph Doesnt Show Volatility Net revenues Net benefits Spending per capita DIMINISHING RETURNS Value retention in the host community Productivity (yield per employee) 90% + of demand factors CONCENTRATION OF outside of the control of WEALTH anyone in tourism 7
  • Can we handle another 400 million tourists in just 8 years? How will we handle congestion? How will we handle waste? How will we handle emissions? Protest Sign Erected by Young Balinese How will we manage our thirst for water The Queue to Climb Everest Source: Guardian Source: ABC They Paved Paradise and land? How will avoid residents backlash? How will we protect vulnerable people and cultures? The Island Where Tourist Garbage is Stored in the Maldives Source: China Daily Source: Daily Mail see: Can Tourism Change its Operating Model?
  • The State Were In Tourism now supports 1 billion international trips a year It can produce income, economic growth, jobs, foreign exchange, conserve wildlife, preserve cultures..but it doesnt always Are we at a tipping point? Metaphorically speaking, were about to experience a tourism tsunami + galeforce winds + earthquake Will the tourism capsule hold out?
  • We have tocontinually bejumping off cliffsand developing ourwings on the waydown.Kurt Vonnegut 10
  • when youre at the edge, you have to go forward or backward; if you go forward, you have to jumptogether.. Yo Yo Ma
  • Location for the Next Executive Meeting of TOTA?
  • The three drivers of changeTheir inter-relationships and impactTOTAs opportunity to continue to leadIntroduce Conscious Travel
  • Connectivity Values Cost & Opportunity 14
  • Technology shifted the balance ofpowerI AM the Author Journalist Film maker Reviewer Marketer Intermediary LEADER
  • Me-centred universe
  • do you have wifi?
  • Biophysical Realities
  • Business is Getting the Message population growth, exploitation of natural resources, climate change and other factors are putting the world on a development trajectory that is not sustainableif we fail to alter our patterns of production and consumption, things will begin to go badly wrong 24
  • Costs and Risk to Increase The resources on which businesses rely will become more difficult to access and more costly. There will be an increasing strain on infrastructure and natural systems as patterns of economic growth and wealth change. Physical assets and supply chains will be affected by the unpredictable results of a warming world 25
  • Opportunities Also the bold, the visionary and the innovative recognise that what is good for people and the planet will also be good for the long-term bottom line and shareholder value competitive advantage can be carved out of emerging risk. 26
  • To keep below 2 degrees Celsius well now have to reduce carbon emissions by 5.1% per year. Between 2000 and 2011 weve achieved reductions of just 0.8% per year. 27
  • Concur with UNSecretary General thatcurrent growth model is aform of suicide pactPromoting concept ofZeronauts working onZero Impact; Zero Wastesector by sector 28
  • 29
  • Is there a Value Shift?
  • The NEW Consumer 31
  • New Consumers still want MORE, but theyare defining that differently.Now they seek more meaning, more deeplyfelt connections, more substance, more controland a greater sense of purpose. 32
  • The Conscious Consumer Report, 2009, BBMG 34
  • DOING GOOD IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS: 2012 66% of consumers would prefer to buy products from companies that give back to society 62% would prefer to work for such companies 59% would prefer to invest in such companies 46% would be willing to pay extra for products and services from these companies 35
  • Consumers Ahead of Marketers
  • Economic Disparity Erosion of the Middle Class
  • How do these change drivers interact? ?
  • Whats this leading to?Panic + Innovation Vertigo
  • 42
  • 1. Companies are Valued Differently Now Connectivity + Content = Transparency = Competition (downward pressure on prices) = Need for innovation = Need for Talent = Importance of Reputation = Need for Authenticity 43
  • 2. The Humanisation of BusinessYou cannot control your brandYour brand emerges as the outer expressionof your values and beliefs
  • 4. What CEOs Most Focus On
  • 3. Purpose Must Precede Profit 46
  • 3. Purpose & BehaviourSource: Richard Barrett The Values Centre 47
  • Impact on Business RE-THINKING CAPITALISM
  • CONSCIOUS CAPITALISTS Whole Foods Southwest Airlines Zappos The Container Store Google Amazon Joie de Vivre