Build Your Brand with Social Media

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DESCRIPTION will help you build your brand via social media activation


1. Build Your BrandWith Social Media 2. Social Media Simplified! Social Media is simply internetbased medium for communication 3. Habitual Change!Customers are now more responsive toengaging They like to talk to you! 4. Social Media is BEYOND Facebook 5. Some Internet Facts 2010- 97% Increase is Forecast 2009 1.83 47 million customers 313 billion 47% (4 for 2012 234billion added in use online searches billion per 2.10 millionusers 2009 for buying in 2009 day, 2.9 billion websites decisions million per minute) 6. Social Media Facts Pakistan Internet Users 20 22 million Facebook users 5.4 million LinkedIn Users 850,000 Twitter Users 0.5 million Bloggers 3.4 million Youtube Users 6.8 million Mobile internet users 1.5 million 151 billion text messages were sent in 2010 Phenomenal growth in Social Media in Pakistan 7. Change is Happening NOW! Billboard and Print Media Adverts carry social media links, directing customers to respective Facebook pages. The Change is happening now and will lead to gradual shift in the focus from billboards and print to social media. 8. What to DO? 9. Recognize theReality & Adapt the Change! 10. Have a Social Media Strategy 11. Check what your competitors are doing. 12. Engage your marketing & branding teams. 13. Open Social Media Channels 14. Integrate Your Social Media 15. Build Your Community 16. Engage Your Community 17. Redback Spiders Can Help you achieve your Social Media Objectives