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  1. 1. StoneGate SSL VPN StoneGate SSL VPN offers secure remote access. It is a virtual private network (VPN) solution that can be used with a standard Web browser. Contrary to the traditional IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) VPN, SSL VPN does not require the installation of specialized client software on the end user device. Secure Access to the Cloud SSL VPN
  2. 2. StoneGate SSL VPN Cloud computing offering is dramatically increasing the need for secure and authenticated access from anywhere, with any device, anytime. Security of this access, awareness and validation of the connection context and of client security posture are major concerns when corporate employees and roaming users need access to applications in the cloud, no matter if it is private or public. Boundaries of corporate networks and partners intranet are becoming thinner every day, while malicious attackers and cybercriminals are developing skills and sophisticated techniques at an impressive pace. In this landscape, companies are looking for consistent solutions offering security at user level, ability to validate the trust of a relationship, considering the context surrounding a connecting user to allow secure and authenticated access to corporate applications based on multiple criteria and credentials. The solution StoneGate SSL VPN is an identity and access management system, featuring secure and authenticated access to a dynamically populated set of corporate applications. The access is granted to a user able to present credentials, validated against multiple authentication methods and using multi factor authentication techniques. The connecting client is allowed to access an application or an application portal only after a check of its security posture, which needs to be maintained along all the operative session. When session is over, transparent trace removal ensure that no data or information are left behind to prevent data leakage or theft. The ability to inter face with over 20 authentication systems, including modern and power ful scenarios such as federated authentication or mobile phone authentication, together with extensive support or web and legacy application with enhanced Single Sign On methods complete this awesome solution, which can also be implemented in highly available mirrored configuration. Application SSH Web Application Remote Desktop Mail Server SSL VPN: Single Sign-on Integration with StoneGate Network Security Architecture Manageable as a standalone appliance or virtual appliance for cloud-based datacenters, StoneGate SSL VPN engine integrates with StoneGate Management Center to offer state of the art monitoring, surveillance, centralized log and alert processing, reporting and incident management with progressive multichannel escalation. StoneGate SSL VPN - Secure Cloud Computing. Simplified! Single Sign-on
  3. 3. Stonesoft Corporation International Headquarters Itlahdenkatu 22 A Fl-0021O Helsinki, Finland tel. +358 9 4767 11 | fax. +358 9 4767 1349 Stonesoft Inc. Americas Headquarters 1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 900 Atlanta, GA 30338, USA tel. +1 866 869 4075 | fax. +1 770 668 1131 StoneGate Virtual SSL VPN StoneGate SSL VPN Virtual Appliance is a solution to build an application portal, which is dynamically populated depending on multiple criteria, with a particular accent in strong authentication, end- point security, assessment and trace removal techniques. The native format of the Virtual Appliance allows immediate deployment of the solution in VMware based virtual infrastructures. Application 1 Virtual NetworkPhysical Network Application 2 Application N Authentication Centralized Management Simplifies Tasks,Reduces TCO and Ensures Compliance StoneGate Virtual Firewall/VPN, IPS and SSLVPN Appliances can be managed with StoneGate Management Center. The StoneGate Management Center offers unified management for all StoneGate Security appliances, both virtual and physical. The corporate security policy can be consistently enforced through out the whole network. This brings organizations significant cost savings, flexibility and sustainability. Stonesoft creates certified and field proven Network Security technology for over 20 years. Support for optimized network drivers guarantees efficiency and performance. Ease building of secure, authenticated application portals to access corporate resources within VMware based virtualized environments Virtual Appliance native format allows immediate deployment minimizing the TCO/TCA CopyrightStonesoft2010.Allrightsreserved.Allspecificationsaresubjecttochange.