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Brett King delivered the presentation at the 2014 RISSB Rail Asset Management Workshop. The 2014 RISSB Rail Asset Management Workshop explored the various asset management plans for railway infrastructure, and discussed which plans can yield an optimum level of service, while also reducing maintenance costs. For more information about the event, please visit:

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  • 1. 1 Brett King Safety Engineer Downer Rail Downer Mining Managing Safety Risk Registers

2. KEY CUSTOMERS Freight Rail Pacific National Aurizon BHP Billiton FMG, Rio Tinto Genesee & Wyoming and SCT Logistics Passenger Rail Sydney Trains Public Transport Authority of Western Australia Queensland Rail Metro Trains Melbourne VLine Yarra Trams Goldlinq 2 Passenger rolling stock - design, build or supply and maintain Freight rolling stock - design, supply and maintain for both locomotives and wagons Simulators - design, build and commissioning Operations and maintenance facilities for both public and private sector customers Operations and maintenance of public transport systems via participation in the Keolis-Downer JV (for Yarra Trams in Melbourne and Gold Coast Light Rail in Queensland) Rolling stock whole-of-life asset management and through life support Downer Rail Overview 3. 3 Waratah Train Project VISION: "The Waratah becomes a transport icon NSW is proud to use Elements of the Contract Reliance Rail Public-Private Partnership (to which Downer is a part) - manufacturing and maintaining the Waratah trains,. Sydney Trains operates the trains on the Metropolitan Rail Network (MRN) As part of the Reliance Rail PPP, Downer Rail has delivered 626 Waratah carriages [78 Sets eight car trains] costing $3.6 billion, all maintained at the Auburn Maintenance Centre The first Waratah train entered passenger service in July 2011 and the final one recently entered into service on 29 May 2014 Waratah trains will make up to about half of Sydney Trains suburban fleet when fully integrated into the suburban network. 4. 4 Safety Risk Registers in a nutshell The goal is to providing stakeholders a live document that can be practically applied to multiple processes that expresses risk in a quantifiable way. In doing this we can engage the owners of the controls to provide a more diligent and transparent application of risk management processes. Essentially a way of expressing safety uncertainty 5. 5 Role as measure of due diligence Rarely if ever is a risk register measured for its effectiveness this means we are more likely to value the due diligence rather than the accurate picture of safety uncertainty is this right? How could we achieve both? Works closely with stakeholders and interface partners to manage risk presented to the business Engage all parts of a business to create an individual ethos of ownership of the risk controls Actively promote ongoing review of the risks identified and encourage a safety culture of open dialogue Develop an understanding within the business that risk registers are owned by operational functions and supported by competent safety professionals. 6. 6 Real benefits of a well managed risk register Looking ahead - guides the organisation and provides confidence Rear-guard protection - fixes holes and checks safety performance Focuses minds on the important areas of safety in the business - but only if we let it Avoids repeating past mistakes - if we want to Live reference - when looking into new activities or changing activities or in response to industry alerts Active Risk Management provides visibility of interconnected causes and relationships 7. 7 How do we maintain the benefits? The Goldilocks approach to risk registers - not too large etc - be prepared to change it to get there Get the SMEs to own the content and actively manage it Keep it up to date how do we archive entries we feel are no longer relevant? Use experts this means expert in people as well as processes and techniques Remember it is a database full of opinions and these can (and should) change nothing is cast in stone Keep good records Make it understandable to everyone (and accessible) Integrate it into everyday activities (this is the hard one) 8. 8 Techniques to boost benefits Software platforms Templates Compatibility with company management systems including non-safety risk systems Training and risk management skill sets Safety culture awareness training Safety culture surveys Interface risk management protocols and workshop. 9. 9 Your critical infrastructure. Delivered Downer Group Level 2, Triniti III, Triniti Business Campus 39 Delhi Road North Ryde NSW 2113 W www.downergroup,com T 1800 Downer E