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What should you blog about? Whatever. Theres a global readership out there and a virtual market for every topic. Just get started! Heres a dozen clues to narrow your focus and heighten your arousal, well, your readers arousal levels.


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2. A Visual Presentation by Geo McDonald and Book Rapper Copyright Copy this the right way. You have permission to post this, email this, and print this for free to anyone you like, as long as you make no changes or edits to its contents or digital format. Pass it along and make many copies to contribute to an inclusive world. 3. Book Rapper tracks trends digs up big ideas presents them visually creates actions for you to do 4. web A list of entries, similar to a diary, posted regularly on the internet.log 5. weblog 6. we blog 7. we blog 8. How to Create Your Own Media Channel 9. The Book 10. We Blog is derived from... 11. The RAPs 12. Each RAP comprises...RESOURCES : anything you use to generate wealth.ACTIONS : an act of will, a deed completed.PROFITS : to gain an advantage or benefit. 13. The We Blog RAPs...We Blog Intro Blog Why? Blog Medium 12 14. Blog Money Blog Trac Blog Being345 15. Blog AboutBlog Life Blog Resoures (This one!)6 7 7 16. RAP6 Blog About 17. Whatshould Iblog about?Blog About 18. Whatever. 19. Theres a globalreadership outthere and avirtual marketfor every topic. Blog About 20. Just get started! 21. 12 clues to narrow your focus & heighten your arousal... 22. ...well, your readers arousal levels. 23. Rock Your The Long & Regular Special Help PeopleMedia Swap Socks O The Short Features Features 24. Problem Updates & Interview Scour the The Weird &Trend SolvingRevisitsMe Webthe WackySpotting 25. RAP6.1 One Thing That Works 26. Eric T. writes Internet Duct Tape. 27. Having made Technoratis Top 100 Favorited sites with two dierent blogs hes well qualied to know what works. 28. 1 His number one tip... 29. I nd the one thing that almost always works is... 30. ...helping people. 31. Mmmm... too obvious? 32. RAP6.2 Rock Your Socks O 33. What oats your boat? 34. What spins your mind? 35. What utters your heart? 36. That is what you should be writing about. 37. Start here and work it up. 38. Youre in charge... 39. ...its your media channel... 40. decide what to blog about. 41. RAP6.3 The Long and the Short of it 42. Mix up your posts. 43. Avoid the temptation to... 44. ...snow in your audience under an avalanche of words. 45. Vary your post length from say... 46. 100 47. 2 48. 500 49. ...words. 50. Split a long post into... 51. ...several ...posts ...and... 52. ...increase your links... 53. the same time. 54. RAP6.4 Regular Features 55. When you ick through a magazine youll notice that... 56. ...they have a bunch of regularitems that pop up each issue. 57. For instance, there may be... 58. Interviews Stats EditorialPhoto COVER Spread STORY 59. Identify your regular features. 60. RAP6.5 Special Features 61. Every so often write a... 62. ...special feature. 63. This might be a... 64. a cover a hot topic story for a summary future posts of previousposts 65. A common theme might be to have a... 66. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 67. Top 10 or Best of list. 68. Not all blog entries are created... 69. = 70. ...some are designed to draw 71. ...special attention. 72. RAP6.6 Media Swap 73. You can cover a lot more in five minutes of... 74. 75. ...than in five minutes of... 76. ...reading text... 77. Use different media to... 78. ...vary your content and provide... 79. ...a fresh perspective on your blog. 80. Link to a cartoon... 81. a photo... 82. ...add a video... 83. ...or a slide show. 84. RAP6.7 Problem Solving 85. If you have a problem, consider making it a... 86. post. 87. This will invite comments and... 88. ...foster community. 89. Albert once said... 90. coming up with the right question was more important than the answer. 91. RAP6.8 Updates and Revisits 92. Make it a habit to... 93. your previous posts and... 94. ...update them with new information. 95. This builds... 96. ...consistency and shows your attention to... 97. information, whilst also building your... 98. ...cross-links. 99. It also gets people talking - back. 100. RAP6.9 Interview Me 101. An easy source of original content is the... 102. ...interview 103. e.g. 104. If you know... 105. a guru or regarded person... 106. ...ask them for their opinion on things. 107. It may be unique. 108. You can present it as... 109. ...edited text, an audio le, or in video form. 110. RAP6.10 Scour the Web 111. Relief! 112. You dont always have to... 113. ...write the content of your blog yourself. 114. Spend some timesourcing new content on these sites... 115. For googolicious images, websites and almost anything... 116. For vivacious videos... 117. For inspiring images... 118. For slick slideshows... 119. For weird, wacky and wonderful websites... 120. For incandescent issues... 121. For bountiful books... 122. For interviewing interesting individuals... 123. For clever and commended content... 124. For popular and particular podcasts... 125. Simply referring others to great content can be... 126. ...a great service in itself. 127. RAP6.11 The Weird and the Wacky 128. Weve all got friends who... 129. ...forward to us... 130. the weird, the wacky, the hilarious and the downright stupid. 131. Dont you love it? 132. The mundane f ades... 133. ...into the background... 134. whereas the unusual leaps out and... 135. ...begs for attention. 136. RAP6.12 Trend Spotting 137. Read... 138. ...any comments on your site carefully. 139. They may carry... 140. ...opportunities for future posts. 141. Try and monitor... 142. ...patterns that may help you... 143. trends. 144. Want More? 145. The We Blog RAPs...We Blog Intro Blog Why? Blog Medium 12 146. Blog Money Blog Trac Blog Being345 147. Blog AboutBlog Life Blog Resoures (This one!)6 7 7 148. BR Members can get the complete set of We Blog RAPs 149. Email Me!Geo McDonald...Book RapperBook Rapper providesAuthor. innovation + leadership workshops and keynote presentations basedupon the hot trends inthe books we RAP. We can help you prot from the ideas in this RAP. 150. More Book Rapper Resources... 151. Read the Book Rapper Blog... 152. Look out for more slideshows at...