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  • 1. Mobile Apps Not Just for ConsumersHow B2B Companies are using Apps toCreate Engaging Interactive Sales Tools

2. Agenda Why the iPad is an Important Sales & MarketingTool for B2B Businesses Native Apps vs. Web Apps Sales Related Mobile App Targets & Best Practices Case Studies Culligan Dealer Channel iPad App SCA Tissue/Tork Sales Toolkit Q&A 3. Mobile Internet Growing 4. Growth in Mobile Devices Will be Huge 5. Collapse of PC Notebook Sales 6. iPad is Outselling Every PCQ1 2012 Shipments 7. Tablet Marketshare 94% of Fortune 500 Companies are Evaluating orAdopting the iPad Apple sold 84 million iPads as of June 2012 iPad dominates the tablet space with 62% marketsharebut actually 8. iPad owns the Market with 91% of the Tablet Web Traffic 9. iPad Dominates Corporate Purchases 10. Surprise!Tablets are More Important to Older Generation 11. Web Appsvs.Native Apps 12. Web Apps vs. Native AppsWeb AppA web application formatted for smartphones and tablets, and accessedthrough the mobile devices web browser (i.e. on the iPhone, this isSafari by default) and they dont need to be downloaded and installed onthe device.Native AppA native mobile app is built specifically for a particular device and itsoperating system. Unlike a web app that is accessed over the internet, anative app is downloaded from a web store and installed on the device 13. Web Apps User Experience Can be PoorGoogle Web App Very Different Experience vs.Mobile App Version Zuckerberg: This Is The Biggest Strategic Mistake Weve Ever Made Mark Zuckerbergs comments regarding the Facebooks mobile app on HTML5, which was slow and clunky. 14. Apps vs. Browser Mobile Apps Clear Winner 15. Apps Provide a More Targeted Experience 16. Sales Related Mobile App Targets Sales Toolkit for Sales Force, Dealers or Channel Partners Digital Leave Behind used by sales teams and then forProspects Sales Award Tracking Sales Conference Agenda, Presentation Material, TrainingTracks, Quizzes, Surveys etc. Streamline sales process ie. Build a Quote Guided Product Selection, configurators, ROI calculators, etc. 17. Sales Related Apps Best Practices Know your audience internal ie. sales reps/dealers, clients orboth Solve a problem! Promotional opportunities will follow Utilize push notifications as a way to maintain contact butdont over do it Update your app with small tweaks quarterly or semi-annuallyto create brand awareness and engagement More advanced - move beyond simple stand alone apps andstart thinking about integration with backend systems inventory, order processing, CRM systems etc. Consider family of apps that play together Dealer/Sales Appauto populates content for client App 18. Case StudiesSandy SappMarketing ManagerCulligan International Company Bob Domenz CEO Avenue Marketing and Communications 19. Wrap-Up Mobile is here to stay and is only going to getbigger and faster than any technology to date Mobile is not just about consumers, its a dailypart of business users lives Mobile is becoming a business imperative make it easy for clients and prospects to find andinteract with your organization via mobiledevices. 20. ROI in MobileWhat is the Return on IgnoringMobile? 21. Chris OlsonBolderImageMobile App Strategist 847 573-9978 847 274-0725 (cell)