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Stories Imagined. Stories Scripted.This Time For Your Stories.Now Go. Tell Yours.By: Suryansh DhawanMBA-FA 2016-181International College Of Financial Planning16-Mar-17

16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning2About Blume Venture Fund

About Blume Venture Fund16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning3Mumbai-based tech-focused early-stage investment firm Blume Ventures was founded in 2010 by Karthik Reddy and Sanjay Nath.It launched Fund I in the domestic market in 2011. Journey began in 2010 with the founding partners having met and being active in one of Indias first institutional angel networks, the Mumbai Angels.Blume has, so far, supported over 70 startups since its inception in 2011 and it plans to continue investing in founding teams of value, sources add.Blume Venture have almost consistently been the most active early stage Indian VC since 2011, funding more than 20 companies per year.Its portfolio include companies such asRail Yatri, Re Globe, IDfy, Grey Orange Robotics, Zopper, Purplle, Nowfloats, Taxi For Sure, Promptec.

About Blume Venture Fund16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning4Founded in 2010, Blume closed its debut fund at Rs 100 crores i.e. around $20Million.Blume Venture first funda domestic, rupee-only fund raised from HNIs that pitched to 500-600 peopleto now, it has been as much of an entrepreneurial journey for the companies, said Sanjay Nath, co-founder and managing partner, Blume Ventures.The Karthik Reddy and Sanjay Nath-led investment firm was chosen for the award by an eminent jury chaired by Arun Duggal, chairman of ratings agency ICRA.For Blume Venture Fund II, Blume Venture has target corpus of $60 million, which is lead by ICONIQ Capital, IIFL Wealth, SIDBI.

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16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning6About Blume Venture Fund

16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning7Investment Process in Venture Funding

Fund RaisingSource Of Capital from Bank, CorporationsEvaluationEvaluate Venture Opportunity

InvestmentInvest Capital into Enterprise

GoverningGovern Business to Profitable Growth

ExistGenerate Liquidity through IPODistributionDistribute Return to Investors``````Investment Process

16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning8Philosophy Of Blume Venture FundPhilosophy Of Blume Venture Fund

1234Pathologically ObsessedIdeas Are PassStrategy Is To Be Ahead Of The WaveUndifferentiated Winning Strategy

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16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning1016-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning10Portfolio Of Blume Venture FundSource: Blume Website

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Source: Blume Website

16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning13Success Stories Of Blume Venture Fund

Source: Blume Website

16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning14Success Stories Of Blume Venture Fund

Source: Blume Website

16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning15Success Stories Of Blume Venture Fund

Source: Blume Website

16-Mar-17International College Of Financial Planning16Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 15, 2015 On this special occasion of Diwali, two notable quotes from the famed inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Alva Edison - Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. BLUME VENTURES FUND I ~ QUARTERLY INVESTOR LETTER Investment Scheme (Fund I): Multi-Sector Seed Capital Fund Report Period: July 1 to September 30, 2015 NOTE: Quarterly Reporting has been changed from the last 2 Reporting Quarters (marking completion of 4 years of Fund Is life) Schedule for 2015 Quarterly Reports I. Feb 15 H2 2014 Report (ending Dec 31, 2014) II. May 15 Q1 2015 Report (ending Mar 31, 2015) III. Aug 15 Q2 2015 Report (ending Jun 30, 2015) IV. Nov 15 Q3 2015 Report (ending Sep 30, 2015) This format for Quarterly Reports will now be presented with a focus on financial performance of the Fund. Blume Market Commentaries will be released separately for wider public consumption on a 6 monthly schedule, with regular updates now made available via Exit Event announcements and periodic Newsletters. Specific information on companies can be requested as per your interest in potentially partnering with such firms as an investor, business partner or customer. These reports are strictly confidential and meant for Investors ONLY there will be two independent reports for Fund I and Fund IA investors Note: We appreciate and respect investors feedback and continue to work towards incorporating it gradually into the reporting process, to enhance the quality and quantity of information for all Investors. Please send us feedback regularly.


Dear Blume Investors, Wed like to start wishing you all a Very Happy Diwali from the Blume family! It has become an extended family indeed while most of your interactions are mainly with Karthik, Sanjay or Ashish, youll be glad to know the core Blume team has now been expanded to include 4 Investment Professionals; the next quarter may also see us onboarding an Analyst and a Head of Operations (aka Chief of Staff). It has always been our belief that teams that have both depth as well as breadth are key to picking winners, nudging them along so that top-performing companies move toward escape velocity - eventually helping your Fund to outperform. So what was notable this quarter?

Lets start with the macro we saw Prime Minister Modi make a historic visit to Silicon Valley. His one-on-one time with the (many of them Indian) CEOs of many leading tech giants reinforced both foreign investors bullishness for India-tech and also the attractiveness of India as key markets and centers of excellence. Facebook also brought CEO Mark Zuckerberg to India (or the other way around!) and his town hall at IIT Delhi, just one of the many tech hotbeds, helped re-invigorate the drive for many first time entrepreneurs India-tech breaking out this quarter also added a few new unicorns (privately listed tech companies with market caps of >$1Bn USD), including Quikr and Zomato. As outlined in earlier reports, your Fund continues to be a shareholder in Ola (whose last round was reportedly at a valuation between $4-5 Bn USD) and we continue to hold the Funds shares here, as the Indian alternative-transportation market continues to grow at a rapid tear. The continuing mobile explosion the rapid rise of smartphones (forecasted to be >300 million units), the number of unique smartphone users (upwards of 200 ml), leaders like Xioami and Micromax moving beyond remaining pure hardware players and also aggressively working on the software layer (including taking equity stakes in startups) continues to prove out Indias mobile-led tech revolution. Interestingly, for the startup ecosystem including Funds like Blume, with mobile becoming the locus for innovation, we are seeing a proliferation of ideas in fin-tech, ed-tech, and healthcare-tech (previously underweighted sectors). Startup vs corporate experience driven by their next rounds of funding, were seeing many of our Portfolio Companies onboarding senior hires with real startup experience from the Flipkarts, Snapdeals and Olas of the world (vs mainly corporate experience prevalent earlier, e.g. Yahoo, Microsoft). This is helping our portfolio companies add real startup-relevant experience where CXOs, product managers and operations managers have launched and seen product lifecycles, successes and equally important, also failures.


Impact for Blume Fund I These mostly positive macro elements have reinforced investor bullishness in India-tech. On the ground, were glad to share that this most recent Quarter saw

Your Fund MOIC ramping-up to 2.15 Three of your portfolio companies, Ola, Grey Orange and Zopper each valued at over $50Mn+ USD 3 additional up-rounds, IDfy (4.3x), Systemantics (2.2x), and Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS 7.8x) Were also pleased to share news related to positive recognition of your Fund by investors, the market-at-large and the media

On a more practical note, there has been a call from investors broadly (including late-stage funds, strategics, and even hedge funds) for a return to fundamentals. This translates into a renewed scrutiny on metrics beyond purely Gross Margin Volume (GMV) to cover positive unit economics, path to profitability, sustainable competitive advantage, and defensible IP / technology to name a few. We think this is in fact healthy, as it will separate the truly best and brightest startups from the average ones.

Blume is one of the first recipients of the Govts groundbreaking IAF (India Aspiration Fund)

Blume was ranked in the Top 3 VC list (Economic Times survey of entrepreneurs)