Blog Growth Hacking - Proven Tips for Growth

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How to Growth Hack Your Blog : Proven Tips for Growth


  • 1.March 3, 2014Design 2014 Social Media Examiner, Content Copyright Presenter Do not distribute How to Growth Hack Your Blog: Proven Tips for Growth Presented by Stan Smith -

2. 3 The biggest challenge to any small business owner, entrepreneur, sales person or inventor is. 3. OBSCURITY 4. Its not that you dont have something incredibly valuable, its just that NOBODY know who you are - Micheal Burt 5. Traditional blog growth tactics take too long to work or get drowned out by others using the same tactics. 6. IMAGINE Starting every day with a loyal group of readers waiting for your next post 7. IMAGINE Having Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn consistently directing new readers to your blog 8. IMAGINE Only engaging, encouraging, and supporting fans who respect and admire your expertise 9. This is possible with a new discipline and mindset called Growth Hacking. 10. GROWTH HACKER A person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth 11. Post. Promote. Pray. 12. basically Get Busy Growing or Get Busy Dying. - Andy Dusfrene (kind of) 13. BLOG GROWTH HACK #1 14. BLAST AND WATCH Twitter LinkedIn Facebook 15. Open the right door to get attention and action. The old tactics dont work as well 16. Twitter: Favorites mean more than retweets Twitter lists have social value Tool: Quick Recipe 1. Identify influencers 2. Follow their feed 3. Regularly favorite relevant tweets 4. Create small descriptive lists Time: 10 minutes / day Get The Full Recipe 17. Facebook Custom Link Updates Look Good in the Newsfeed Promoting Your Post to Look a Like Audiences Get The Full Recipe 18. BLOG GROWTH HACK #2 19. Wait and Hope Mindset What is next months reader growth goal? How many blog subscribers do you need? How many leads did your blog create? Ask Yourself 20. Are Goals Needed? Personal Blog? NO Everybody Else YES! 21. Small Blogs Have Small Goals and Small Action Fast Growth Blogs Have 10X Goals and 10X Action 22. Now 1,000 Readers 100 Subscribers 10 Subscribers 10,000 Readers 1,000 Subscribers 100 Subscribers 10X 23. 10,000 Readers Repurposing blog content for iTunes, Slideshare and YouTube Use your posts to create a new course on Udemy Build relationships that open up PR options. Who at this conference can make a key introduction for a guest post gig? Getting a spot up here or at the leading conference for your niche Turn your posts into books to offer on Amazon. Publish useful templates, spreadsheets, mindmaps, and apps to crowdsourced repositories (example: Google Templates) 24. BLOG GROWTH HACK #3 25. POSTS ARE NEEDY LITTLE RASCALS POST, PROMOTE, POST, PROMOTE, POST 26. Start Your Own GUEST BLOGGER PROGRAM 27. Craft Your Content Promote Your Content Engage With Your Audience Get Others to 28. You Need Write for Me Page Guidelines Process for Vetting Proposals Promotional Tips for Your Writers Get The Full Recipe 29. BLOG GROWTH HACK #4 30. I am not a geek. I dont understand this technical stuff! I am not a robot. I dont care about what Google likes! 31. Your competition hopes you stick to your guns. 32. Brainstorm 9 Search Phrases 3 Phrases your readers use to find information about your subject 3 Phrases your readers use to research key topics in your area 3 Phrases your readers use to decide if they should do business with you. + + 33. Brainstorm 5 Posts for Each of the 9 Search Phrases 9 phrases X 5 posts = 45 SEOLICIOUS posts Get The Full Recipe 34. Your Readers Want to See The World Through Your Eyes 35. BUT THEY DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE. 36. Your Mission Is To Get Noticed. Whats Holding You Back? 37. THE WORLD IS YOURS. TAKE IT.