Black History Month Presentation

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<ul><li> 1. Black History Month<br />Presentation<br />[Your Name]<br />[Your Teachers Name]<br />[Your School]<br />[Your Grade]<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. [Type your favorite quotation from at least one person that you think has changed history and that you will be talking about in this presentation.]<br /> 3. Introduction<br />State the significance of Black History Month<br />Tell what Black History Month means to you<br /> 4. Overview<br />Give a brief overview of what youll cover in your presentation<br /> 5. History<br />Make a timeline of the important historical events<br /> 6. Interesting Facts<br />List some interesting facts about Black History Month<br /> 7. Black History Leaders<br />Choose one to three leaders in this area and discuss their lives and accomplishments<br /> 8. Provide examples of art and literature, law, or other social achievementsthat are significant to Black History Month<br />Arts and Literature<br /> 9. How We Celebrate<br />List some ways we celebrate Black History Month around the nation<br /> 10. Conclusion<br />Provide a brief summary of your presentation<br /> 11. Questions &amp; Answers<br />Invite questions from the audience<br /> 12. Resources<br />List the resources you used for your research<br /></p>