Bigcommerce Client Panel: Photos and Videos that Drive Sales

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The experts tell us that quality images and videos boost visits, social reach and sales in your store. By how much? Experts say one thing, but what does an e-commerce store owner like you say? Join us for our Bigcommerce Client Panel that answers the question, What do quality photographs and videos really do for my store and sales? E-commerce store owners on the frontlines share their tried-and-tested tips on creating engaging visuals that drive more sales. About the Panel: Andreea Ayers, Soaps to Live By ( Andreea found by upgrading and diversifying her product images her store recieved record promotional buzz and sales. Henry Maia, Mineral Tile Henry uses video to bring the showroom effect online. HIs videos take advantage of the DIY trends in home remodeling leading to increased sales and new customers to his store. Adam Teague, Two Guys Bowties ( Adam's bowties are made from an unusual material, so projecting the right image with photography and video is a requirement for success. Adam shares with us the journey of creating his brand's image and the impact it has made on sales. Trevor Theismann, KBands Training ( Education is the best way to sell a demonstration style product, and video is the best way to show it in action. Trevor has been making his own demonstration videos that drive sales and tap the power of YouTube. About the Host: Heidi Tobias Wong combines over 17 years of experience in traditional, digital and social media marketing with a diverse education and technical background. This unique blend enables her to identify, design and implement strategic marketing solutions for e-commerce SMBs. In her role as Senior Manager of Distance Learning at Bigcommerce, Heidi facilitates webinars and workshops focused on helping SMBs incorporate the most beneficial, yet cost-effective technology into their platforms and marketing plans.


<ul><li> 1. Bigcommerce Client Panel: Photos and Videos that Drive Sales</li></ul> <p> 2. Our PanelAndreea Ayers, Soaps to Live By Teague, Two Guys Bowties http://www.woodenbowties.comTyler Kapper, Bigcommerce 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.Henry Maia, Mineral Tile http: // 3. Powerful Images that Sell 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 4. On the Two Guys Bowties site you took most of the photos yourself. Can you share any tips and tools that enabled you to get the quality of images that we see on your store? 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 5. Soaps to Live By used a professional photographer for product images. Can you tell us about the process of finding the photographer? How did you make sure your brand look and feel was captured in the images? What impact did this have on your promotional efforts and sales?Andreea Ayers, Soaps to Live By 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 6. Soaps to Live By Images 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 7. If a client was considering taking their own photos, what are your 3 most important things you would share with them?Tyler Kapper, Bigcommerce 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 8. Videos- The how tos and impact on sales 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 9. Each of you had different motivations for creating videos. Can you share what you wanted to accomplish with the video? Describe the process of creating the concept that communicated your message.Adam Teague, Two Guys Bowties 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.Henry Maia, Mineral Tile http: // 10. You hired a professional to help with the concept and shoot the video. What was the process like selecting the person, communicating your vision and getting the results you wanted?Adam Teague, Two Guys Bowties 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 11. You started on your own and then hired someone to shoot the videos for you. What motivated you to make that change and how did it impact your business?Henry Maia, Mineral Tile http: // 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 12. How did you promote the video? What results did you see from these efforts?Adam Teague, Two Guys Bowties 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.Henry Maia, Mineral Tile http: // 13. Are you going to continue to use video to help promote your store and products? If yes, what might you do differently next time?Adam Teague, Two Guys Bowties 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.Henry Maia, Mineral Tile http: // 14. Do you have questions? 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. 15. You have been filming you videos on your own. Can you share the tools and tips that have helped you get quality videos?Trevor Theismann, KBands Training 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. </p>