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Bhopal gas tragedy

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Text of Bhopal gas tragedy


2. Union Carbides Bhopal Plant Presentation by Arti Dangi (PC-03) Dhaval Dudhat (PC-04) Dweep Chokshi (PC-06) Mihir Pandit (PC-09) Pavitra Ramkumar (PC-10) Prashant Shah (PC-12) Vipul Patil (PA-20) 3. Buch was removed to another post soon after 4. Union Carbides luxurious guest house (current photo) 5. Dec 26th, 1981, Phosgene gas leak kills Ashraf 6. Manufacturing of Methyl Isocyanate in UCIL commences(1980) 7. Hospitals under siege 8. Union Carbide deems the incident employee sabotage 9. Who do you think was responsible for the incident? 10. Solution Indian Government and UCC both were responsible Indian government - twisted laws no infrastructure to back it UCC - cost cutting - neglected the safety of its employees and that of others. 11. Who should have had jurisdiction over this case? Was US Federal court right? 12. Solution Jurisdiction with India - Inconvenience of witness and evidence - No US citizen present - Shared Jurisdiction not an option - Records and manuals in Hindi - No contract between UCC and UCIL. 13. What can we learn from this incident? 14. Current Status