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  • 1. 7th OCT 2013

2. PROJECT BACKGROUND The present existing Electrical Multiple Units (EMUs) running on sub-urban rail network in metropolitan cities, are 3.66 m wide coaches manufactured with Mild Steel material and painted. These EMUs are prone to corrosion, especially in harsh environmental conditions in coastal cities of Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata. This results in frequent body repairs, increased down time and less availabilitythereby reducing the revenue to Indian Railways. With the above background, a pro-active step was taken up by M/s BEML Ltd, Bangalore Complex, R&D team Re-design the conventional mild steel body coaches with corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel material (life of 35 years). Carbody design which is modern, clean, aesthetically appealing and more importantly which does not require any painting With world-class interiors. 3. PROJECT BACKGROUND PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS: Development order from Indian Railways. Quantity: 2 rakes of 9 coaches each. Order Value: INR 40 crores for 2 rakes. Order received : 2008-09 Scope: Design, Development, Manufacture, Testing, Commissioning & supply. Technical Requirements: 3.66 m wide Stainless Steel Carbody, World Class Interiors, Provision of forced air ventilation with ducting. Prototype completed: 2011-12 Trials completed & put into revenue service : 2012-13 4. DETAILS OF PRODUCT BRIEF SPECIFICATIONS: Track Gauge-Broad Gauge: 1676 mm, Max Speed : 100 kmph Coach length over body: 20726 mm, Max. width over body side: 3660 mm, Coupler height from rail level: 1035mm, Height of coach from rail level: 3618 mm, Maximum permissible axle load (Driving Motor coach & Trailer coach): 20.32 T, Max. height of the comp. floor from rail level under tare condition: 1230 mm, Rake Formation-9 Coaches: B-C-D-B-C-C-D-C-B (B- Driving Motor Coach, C- Trailer Coach with Ladies Comp, D- Trailer Coach with Vendor Comp) 5. DETAILS OF PRODUCT SUB SYSTEMS:Sub systemFeatures CarbodyAustenitic Stainless Steel carbody with unpainted exteriors Coupler arrangementHigh capacity semi permanent coupling (Schaku couplers) BogiePrimary Coil Spring & Secondary Air suspension for good riding comfort Propulsion SystemElectric propulsion system Brake SystemElectro pneumatic brake system. Front endFRP cab mask and cab skirt which provides a modern aesthetic appeal to the coach.InteriorsDesigned to be on par with that of the world-class coach interiors. FRP panels have been used extensively to provide pleasant ambience for the passengersSeatErgonomically designed passenger seats with polycarbonate material and with dual tone shade to match the FRP interiorsFlooringAnti-skid stainless steel floor cover sheets 6. DESIGN INNOVATIONS Design of wide bodied SS carbody structure with 16 passengers / sqm loading (double of International & Indian metro standards) was a challenging task Interior design was made with aesthetics & cost effectiveness in mind, FRP panels used New design of window with wider opening. Design is having provision for converting to Air-conditioned type with minimal changes Passenger seats with polycarbonate material & dual tone shade to match the interiors. FRP cab mask incorporated in the front to give a better look. FRP drivers desk ergonomically designed. 7. DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT EFFORTS Design effort involved: Development effort involved: Analysis of customers requirements, Manufacturing drawings Conceptual Design, Procurement technical specifications Detail design calculations Quality Documents. 3D modeling Manufacturing of Prototype carbody Structural Integrity & Strength Analysis Design validation by squeeze testing Manufacturing, Furnishing & In-house testing Testing and commissioning at customers location. 8. DESIGN MODELING OF CARBODY Complete carbody modeled using CATIA V5 software. Carbody section to be within the allowable maximum moving dimensions. Weight reduction by 2 TonnesMOTOR COACHTRAILER COACH 9. DESIGN OF INTERIORS CAD model of interiors, drivers desk & cab mask prepared Interferences checked 10. STRUCTURAL STRENGTH VERIFICATION Structural Integrity & Strength Analysis of the carbody checked To meet UIC 566 standard, Analyzed using MSC Nastran software, Super dense passenger loading of 16 passengers / sqm Stress levels within acceptable limits.TRAILER COACHMOTOR COACH 11. CARBODY DESIGN VALIDATION PHYSICAL TESTING Validation of carbody carried out by squeeze testing as per UIC-566 standard with the following loads Vertical Load L1: 75 Tonne Compressive Load L2: 1200KN Combined Load: L1+L2PROTOTYPE MOTOR COACH CARBODYDATA ACQUISITION UNITPROTOTYPE TRAILER COACH CARBODY 12. MANUFACTURING INFRASTRUCTURE To meet the requirement of developing a world class coach, BEML has established all the infrastructure required for manufacturing carbody and its assemblies for SS EMU cars. Robotic spot welding technology,5 axis series spot welding,CNC programmed Stretch Forming, Dedicated special Jigs & Fixtures. Custom built test facilities like water leak test, bogie load testing and test tracks to ensure quality requirements. 13. MANUFACTURING INFRASTRUCTUREROBOTIC SPOT WELDING 5 AXIS SERIES SPOT WELDINGCNC PROGRAMMED STRETCH FORMING 14. MANUFACTURING INFRASTRUCTUREUNDERFRAME MAIN ASSY JIGSIDE BLOCK ASSY JIGROOF MAIN ASSY JIGSIDE WALL MAIN ASSY JIG 15. CARBODY MANUFACTURE Manufacturing of Stainless steel EMU carbody in production line.TRAILER COACH CARBODYMOTOR COACH CARBODY 16. CAR FURNISHING & ASSEMBLY Furnishing of Stainless Steel EMU in production line.INTERIOR VIEWEXTERIOR VIEWDRIVER DESK 17. INHOUSE TESTING Testing of furnished SSEMU rake in test track witnessed by RDSO/RITES. 18. FIRST PROTOTYPE RAKE First Rake Stainless Steel EMU rolled out from BEML Limited, Bangalore Complex to Eastern Railways, Sealdah, Kolkata 19. COMMISIONING & FIELD TRIALS SSEMU has successfully undergone all the extensive tests & trials by the customer, Eastern Railways, Sealdah, Kolkata 20. REVENUE SERVICE This product was extensively tested by the user railways and after successful completion of trials for a period of six months, this innovative product is running successfully in revenue service at Sealdah, Eastern Railways from Oct 2012 onwards. 21. VIDEO 22. COMPARISION OF SSEMU WITH EXISTING MILD STEEL EMUEXISTING MILD STEEL EMUSTAINLESS STEEL EMUSTAINLESS STEEL EMU & EXISTING MILD STEEL EMU 23. COMPARISION OF SSEMU WITH EXISTING MILD STEEL EMUSTAINLESS STEEL EMU WINDOWSS EMU WINDOW INSIDE VIEWEXISTING MILD STEEL EMU WINDOWEXISTING MILD STEEL EMU WINDOW INSIDE VIEW 24. COMPARISION OF SSEMU WITH EXISTING MILD STEEL EMUINTERIORS IN STAINLESS STEEL EMUSTAINLESS STEEL EMU SEATSINTERIORS IN EXISTING MILD STEEL EMUEXISTING MILD STEEL EMU SEATS 25. COMPARISION OF SSEMU WITH EXISTING MILD STEEL EMUINTERIORS IN STAINLESS STEEL EMUFRP PANELLED PARTITIONS IN STAINLESS STEEL EMUINTERIORS IN EXISTING MILD STEEL EMUSS PANELLED PARTITIONS IN EXISTING MILD STEEL EMU 26. COMPARISION OF SSEMU WITH EXISTING MILD STEEL EMUSTRAP HANGER IN STAINLESS STEEL EMUFRP CEILING IN STAINLESS STEEL EMUSTRAP HANGER IN EXISTING MILD STEEL EMULP SHEETS PANELLED CEILING IN EXISTING MILD STEEL EMU 27. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK The indigenously designed & developed SS EMU has successfully undergone all the stringent tests & trials of the customer, IR User satisfactory performance certificate received. Based on the successful user trials, further order of 4 rakes (36 cars) has been received from IR MD, MRVC (Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation) after his visit to BEML had made the following observations We were extremely happy to observe the international standard achieved by BEML in the design & manufacture of stainless steel coaches for Metro & Suburban railway system in India. 28. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK 29. CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS SELF RELIANCE SS EMU designed & developed for Indian Railways for the first time through inhouse R&D efforts without any foreign collaboration. Stainless steel carbody joining / manufacturing process established which will be helpful for other projects. Stainless steel raw material of desired specification developed by indigenous sources. Interior furnishing items developed through indigenous sources. Future requirements of rolling stock variants with stainless steel carbody can be developed within the country. 30. KEY IMPACTS With introduction of SS EMU latest stainless steel carbody similar to the metro cars brought in IR. Use of Stainless steel will increase the life of the coaches (25 to 35 yrs) & also reduces maintenance time, thereby reducing the life cycle cost. Use of austenitic stainless steel has eliminated painting, making it eco friendly. Common man can have the pleasure of travelling in a better coach at the same cost. Product well accepted, IR placed additional order for SS EMU & MRVC floated requirement for 153 nos. SS cars. 31. FUTURE READINESS Based on the successful commercial service of prototype rake, Indian Railways have placed additional supply order for 4 rakes of SSEMU valuingabout 84 crores. Indian Railways plans to replace the existing 3000 nos of Mild Steel EMU coaches with the newly developed Stainless Steel EMUs. Total business expected from SSEMU is about INR 1000 crores per year. Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) were impressed by unique features of the SSEMU prototype rake and have floated requirement for 153 SSEMU coaches for their harbour line. Considering the benefits of stainless steel carbody, future production of other EMUs is expected to be manufactured with SS. Tier II cities can adapt this technology with minimal changes for low cost metro rolling stock.