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<ol><li> 1. Bangladesh Country Analysis Team C </li><li> 2. Bangladesh Inflation vs GDP Source: World Bank Variables show a correlation coefficient of 0.84, demonstrating direct relationship between them. o Covariance is 1.11 . Positive covariance demonstrates both numbers move in same direction When Inflation rises, generally GDP tends to rise as well 2009 was year of "inflexion" for the two variables In 10 years: o GPD rose 51% o Inflation rose 221% </li><li> 3. Regional GDP Growth Source: World Bank In the last 3 years, Bangladesh is only country showing positive growth vs previous year Pakistan data parallel to India (Appears to track India performance) Bangladesh seems to show less volatility and more consistent pattern. Vietnam also tracking India and Pakistan but on a more moderate level An animated and integrated graph, is available: Possible Shocks o 2010 Pakistan Floods o 2008 Global Recession </li><li> 4. Regional Inflation Source: World Bank Bangladesh Inflation rising steadily in the last 3 years. Up to 2008 the four countries seemed similar. After 2008 big differences in Inflation behavior In 2011 only Vietnam seems radically different than the other 3 Possible Shocks: o 2007: Natural disaster in Bangladesh affects commodity prices </li><li> 5. Appendix 1: Comparative Inflation Data Sources: World Bank &amp; CIA Factbook Cross-referenced information for reliability purposes. </li><li> 6. Appendix 2: GDP Growth Data Sources: World Banck &amp; CIA Factbook Cross-referenced information for reliability purposes. </li></ol>