Baltic Amber Jewelry- Healing Ornaments

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  • Baltic Amber Jewelry- Healing Ornaments

    Since the evolution of mankind, human beings have been seeking ways of well-being

    and healing through natural ways. With such a need, man has always been weighing the

    advantages of naturally occurring Amber a healing treasure created by Mother Nature and provided to us in the form of well-formed resins that can be worn as ornaments too!

    Amber is a fossilized resin extracted from pine trees. It has magnificent healing powers

    and is used till today in contemporary medicines, oils, powder and cosmetics industry.

    And yes, it is also used to make jewelry and accessories. The best amber comes from

    Baltic Sea as it contains the maximum amount of succinic acid (the main ingredient in

    amber, which is the root of its great healing power)

  • Baltic amber jewelry is a legacy that has been handed over to many generations since

    then. The Baltic amber heals the best where it enters the skin. Therefore, to extract

    most out of amber, it should be worn against the area in need.

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