B2B Social Media: LinkedIn Profile Optimization

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Understanding the components of your professional profile on LinkedIn and how to optimize your profile for imrpoved search position. View related Blog Post on FifthGearAnalytics: http://bit.ly/9Yvpjy


<ul><li>1.Optimizing Your Profile on LinkedIn March 2010 </li></ul> <p>2. LinkedIn: The Basics LinkedIn is the Worlds largest business networking site. 75 Million Users In over 200 countries Business Leaders use LinkedIn as a search engine. LinkedIn can be used to grow the sales funnel by allowing you to network with businesses you would not otherwise have access to. Some of the areas we can raise awareness about the SIGMA brand: Groups Discussions Recommendations (both of you, and of those you recommend) Blog / Twitter Feeds Status Updates 10/6/2010Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 2010 2 3. Why Optimize Your Profile? Every social profile should be considered an entry point to your Company for new leads &amp; prospects. 10/6/2010Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 2010 3 4. Optimizing Your BASIC ProfileThe two most important features of your basic profile are your job title and the ability to create a custom URL. 10/6/2010 Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 20104 5. Custom URL &amp; Display Options Create a custom URL for your profile using Keyterms that describe your role or expertise.Select which components You wish to display on your Public profile.Your public profile is viewable by people who are not connected to you directly.Note: The more you display, the more visible you and your company become in search. 10/6/2010 Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 2010 5 6. Profile Optimization: Additional Information Use keywords to Optimize your Additional Info.Your Interests can include your expertise 10/6/2010Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 2010 6 7. Profile Optimization: Work Experience Add keyterm rich descriptions to your CURRENT work experience listing.Best Practice for Business:For the sake of your businessyou may consider adding abeefy description to your currentposition, placing less emphasison past positions.(This rule does not apply if yourcurrent function on LinkedIn isfor job placement.) 10/6/2010 Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 20107 8. Profile Optimization: SummaryYour profile Summary is where you can add extra info that does not fit In other portions of your profile.Fill this area with services offerings and products that your company provides. 10/6/2010 Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 20108 9. Profile Optimization:RecommendationsRecommendations are a greatway to let people know aboutwork youve done or yourareas of expertise. Request them from colleagues, clientsformer employers, etc. Give them specifics in yourrequest (keywords) Keyword rich recommendationscan enhance your search visibility. 10/6/2010 Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 20109 10. Profile Optimization: Applications Include applications That are relevant to your business such as your blog feed, creative portfolio, file sharing, power point decks and more.You should explore the available options on LinkedIn and select the applications most suited to your business. 10/6/2010 Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 201010 11. Profile Optimization: Summary Help promote YOUR company.Use all the features available.Fill your profile with keyterms! 10/6/2010 Confidential SIGMA Marketing Group 2010 11 </p>