ASTD San Diego changes name to ATD San Diego

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Learn about how and why ASTD is changing its name to ATD - Association for Talent Development


  • 1. Presentation Title Subhead Can Be Placed Here Our name has changed but our chapter remains the same.

2. On May 6, 2014 at the ASTD International Conference & Exposition, ASTD announced that it is changing its name to the Association for Talent Development (ATD). 3. Why the Change? ASTD was first created as the American Society of Training Directors. ASTDs founders wanted to raise the standards and prestige of the training profession and to further the education and development of those responsible for training others. We have continued to build on that for 70 years. The purpose of our profession developing the talents, skills, and abilities of people has remained constant the scope and impact of the field has grown beyond our founders wildest dreams. 4. Why Now? The world has changed dramatically over seven decades and our profession has too. We are changing to represent and support the change and development of the field, and the tremendous global impact of the profession. 5. How Was This Decision Made? The impact of our members work stretches far beyond training and includes many facets the 10 Areas of Expertise in our Competency Model is one example. Reviewing many years of information, input, feedback, and analysis on the fields changes, and data gathered from all over the world, guided the change. 6. Whats the Impact on Members and Customers? Your membership benefits remain the same, and your online experience to access your member benefits and content will be seamless with the switch to our new name. In the coming months you will receive a new membership card with the ATD name and logo. 7. Will My Local ASTD Chapter Change? ASTD chapters will transition to the new name and brand during the next year. 8. Some of the Changes Youll See First Digital newsletters, like the LCN, will have ATD branding beginning in June Infoline is becoming td at Work T+D magazine The award-winning, flagship publication for the profession will be renamed td Our monthly publications will be re-named during the summer of 2014 9. New Content Coming The new Science of Learning community has debuted CPLP will add global competence CTDO magazine Chief Talent Development Officer magazine will be published in 2015 10. Questions?? Email our Chapter Branding Volunteer, Catherine Mattice, at