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As one of the leading artificial grass companies in Europe , NAMGRASS.COM is a very fast growing and vertically integrated company that can design, produce and distribute high-end artificial grass products for residential purposes.

Owing to its unique vertical structure, has the capability to keep constantly innovating at every level of the cycle. controls the entire quality, production and distribution process. In this way, remains a pioneer in artificial grass products.

Highly original innovations allow us to consistently meet our customers' needs.

About us



NAMGRASS Garden & Landscape

This range has been developed for anyone who likes natural looks, comfort and luxury.

NAMGRASS Golfgreen

A specially developed range for anyone who wants to discover the fun of golf. A magnificent green course to practice your putting or your swing in relaxed conditions



Namgrass India

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nature is the teacher of art. And this is true, as thanks to intense R&D and the composition and structure of natural grass NAMGRASS succeeds in offering a very natural product.