Are You Harnessing The Power Of Facebook For Your Business?

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"The Purpose of A Business is To Create and Keep A Customer - Brian Tracy. Facebook is a hugely powerful medium for achieving both those goals, in a non aggressive, goodwill generating and amazingly viral way! There are only a few key points you need to know, though. You do not need to know the ins and outs of every Facebook feature to market effectively using this platform. You need to know the 20% of things you MUST be doing daily and weekly that will give you the 80% of results which there are key actions you should be taking to make the biggest difference to your business in the shortest amount of time possible. Whilst there have been some signiJicant changes to the way Facebook handles businesses this year, it is still one of the most powerful marketing medium on the web today. Its vital you understand where marketing is going and how you should be looking to use Facebook and Social Media in general, in your business moving forward. In all the years of marketing, never have we seen changes this huge, this fast. So stay ahead of the game and dont get left behind! Take Your Business To The Next Level with Facebook Marketing Today!


<ul><li> 1. Are You Using FacebookMarketing for Your BusinessYet?</li></ul> <p> 2. Coca Colas Onboard - $173 BillionMarket Capitalization- 64 Million Facebook Likes 3. Adidas Ran In Some Time Back - $21Billion Market Capitalization- 13 Milllion Facebook Likes 4. Nike Has Done It Too - $49 Billion MarketCapitalization- 12 Milllion Facebook Likes 5. McDonalds Lovin It - $99 Billion MarketCapitalization- 28 Milllion Facebook Likes 6. Starbucks Serving Their Happy Hour - $43Billion Market Capitalization- 34 Milllion Facebook Likes 7. So is Jos Diner Down at Hoboken - 102Facebook Likes 8. With Over 1 Billion Users, 167 MillionUnique Users a Month, 500+ Million Likesa Day - Facebook is A MarketingPowerhouse! 9. Is Your Business Onboard FacebooksMarketing Gravy Train Yet? 10. Take Your Business to The Next Level withFacebook Marketing Today! 11. Discover 3 Proven, Powerful Ways toBuild A List of Targeted Customers Fastwith Facebook! 12. Discover The Little Secret to Get in Frontof Over 60% of Your Facebook Fans forFREE! 13. Discover How To Build a HugeCommunity of Targeted Buyers withoutEver Asking for an Email Address withFacebook! 14. Discover How to Create Hot, AttentionGrabbing Facebook Ads that Make YouMoney! 15. Discover The One Traffic Method You CanStart Using TODAY to Get All the ClicksYou Need Using Facebook! 16. Discover How To Spend 30 Minutes a Dayon Facebook and Still Get MaximumResults! 17. Facebook Marketing 2013 - And Its YoursToday - For FREE! 18. Hurry! It Wont Be FREE Forever!</p>