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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Current Work in progress: Data VisualizationClient: AppleImplementation Partner: Cognizent</p> <p>Sushmita Dutt: April, 2016</p> <p>Project Overview: Dashboard Data VisualiztionThe below page is a dashboard that needs to be redesigned for increased legibility, improved interactions and better aesthetics. Follow the online Apple guidelines for the look and feel, preferably stay with flat design. Keep in mind the responsive design concept when designing the layout. The design will convert all the data to usable graphs/charts/other gauges.Whats in the dashboard?There are mainly 4 sections in this dashboard Corporate Org (youll be redesigning), Carrier, Grey Market Metrics &amp; Speed Razor Metrics. User has the flexibility to view data for 7Days, 31Days, By Week, By Quarter &amp; By Year. The entire page shows the data for the following metrics Gross Bookings, Bookings, Billings &amp; Unbricks. The data refreshes based on the timeframe you select and also based on all the other filters in the screen. The existing layout shows data for a single day. Select any timeframe (7W, 31D, W, M, Q, Y) you want and show the visualization for the same. Then there are 3 main sub-sections Channel Summary / Product Summary / Region Summary. The challenge is to transform all these grid data into some meaningful graphs/visuals/etc. See next slide for dashboard image</p> <p>Apple Dashboard</p> <p>There are four panels in this dashboard which have been visualized for enhanced user experience:</p> <p>Apple Dashboard:</p> <p>Apple Dashboard:</p> <p>Apple Dashboard:</p> <p>Apple Dashboard:</p> <p>Apple Dashboard:</p> <p>Work in progress: Addressing the challenge ofConsistent user experiencefor diverse range of data.</p> <p>Sushmita Dutt: April, 2016Feedback:</p>