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Do you want to improve the ROI of your Digital Marketing campaigns? Learn how to be effective in Estimating, Measuring and Improving data.


  • 1. Digital Vidya Digital MarketingBootcamp Analytics - Estimate, Measure &

2. Digital Vidya Nestle launching a new brand"IPL Coffee"Targeted: Cricket lovers Geography: 3. Digital Vidya Objective Pre launch Online Market 4. Digital Vidya Channels to Consider Google Facebook Twitter Individual Publishers Display Ads Ad Networks 5. Digital Vidya Google Foundation: Search Key: Search Terms Identification (How to think of search Terms?) Long Tail: Coffee Cricket Broad Match: Coffee, Cricket Lateral Theme: Tea, Indian Sports 6. Digital Vidya Assess Search 7. Digital Vidya Location Trend Analysis 8. Digital VidyaTime Trend AnalysisIs it growing or reducing over time? 9. Digital Vidya Identifying Lateral themesHow? 10. Digital Vidya News Reference 11. Digital Vidya Assess impulsive 12. Digital VidyaHot Searches Analysis Check for Designing new Lateral 13. Digital Vidya Website 14. Digital VidyaFacebook Foundation: Profile Targeting is easy Key to Success: Engaging 15. Digital Vidya Assess Target 16. Digital Vidya Specifics & Laterals 17. Digital Vidya Identify Direct & Lateral 18. Digital Vidya Twitter Foundation: Fan Following & Terms Key to Success: Credibility Success Metrics: People spreading &engaging around the 19. Digital Vidya Twitter Search 20. Digital VidyaIndividual Publishers Watch out: Relevancy, Bargain Revenue Model: CPM, CPC, Fixed Cost Validate: Reporting (Visibility, Relevancy) Reporting: customized Same is true about Ad 21. Digital VidyaImportant Tools Market/Completion Analysis Google Treads, Compete, Hitwise, Twitter search, Google Keywords Suggestion Tool. ClickStream Analysis Google Analytics, Omniture, Web Treads etc Experimentation Google Optimizer, Site Perfect Listening & Buzz Measurement Different for every 22. Digital Vidya Can you target Specific demographics throughSearch Engine? 23. Digital Vidya Google Placement Targeting 24. Digital Vidya Tools to Listen, Engage & Create in Social 25. Digital Vidya Google Alerts 26. Digital VidyaTweet 27. Digital Vidya SM2 by 28. Digital Vidya Radian6 29. Digital VidyaThank You!Want to leverage SMM for your Business?Join us in our next | |