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1. Communication Center: Central hub for setup, management and reporting communications Scriptura Engage | Features | Communication Center Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit or call 0032 3 425 40 00 Scriptura Engage is a software solution of Inventive Designers | 2015. All rights reserved. Sendinga communicationis more than just sending an email or a letter or a text message. It covers the entire flow a message is facing until it has completed its mission. The entire flow, meaning: the source, the creation, the branding, the fixed content and the content variables, the bounces, the reaction to these bounces, the customers feedback, the gained information, etc. Communication Center introduces the concept of communication schedules. Communication schedules generate and deliver communications to multiple channels in parallel or execute fallback scenarios when a communication could not be delivered via a specific channel. To be able to do this, communication schedules process the feedback from the different output channels. The objective of Communication Center is to act as a central communications hub for customer correspondence. It is a management platform for executing complex multichannel communication strategies in a standardized manner and can be configured, extended, or customized to meet strategic communication objectives of the organizations. Design Users can design communication projects and templates, manage them as well as related resources. Compose Data is retrieved and used to assemble the actual correspondence. Users can see the status of each communication job, the number of communications that has been sent, and more. Communication Center also allows managing jobs and communications: release, pause, and restart. Jobs can be bundled. Communications can be previewed, approved, rejected. Deliver Communication Center supports various delivery channels and formats. Channels are configurable and new channels can easily be added. Analyze All information that is retrieved during the process of generating and delivering communications can be consulted via secure web dashboards, which includes overviews of jobs, communications, and deliveries with drilldown possibilities and statistics about the different channels and reports. Communication Center is based on the four phases each communications passes: design, compose, deliver and analyze. The different Scriptura Engage components (from template design and resource management to output production and delivery) can be managed from Communication Center: a 360 view of all communications is available. Its user interface can be branded to the corporate communications guidelines of customers allowing white label versions.


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