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  • 1. Active RFID Overview including RTLS Learnings & Requirements DMLSS Integration RFID Working Group, Falls Church, VAScott Phillips Director, Product Architecture August 21, 2008www.aeroscout.comAEROSCOUT CONFIDENTIAL

2. AeroScout Market LeadershipMarket ShareAeroScout shipments accounted for themajority of all Wi-Fi RFID tagsInStat, May 2007Broadest High ProfileEcosystemCustomers Only company with fullrange of visibility solutions fitfor all environments and use impressively complete, scalablesystem Information Week, 2007 Product Leadership www.aeroscout.comCONFIDENTIAL Page 2 3. Boeing RFID Visionary ScalabilitySecurity DoD, behind firewallStandards 802.11, AeroScout, CiscoSingle infrastructureOutdoorChokepoint/Room level/Bay levelPassive integrationRuggednessExtensibility reports, complex eventsIntegration via SOA, XML publish/subscribePackaged deploymentsGlobal visibility CONFIDENTIAL Page 3 4. Example VA HospitalScalabilityMultiple ApplicationsSecurity Asset Management (started here) Equipment MaintenanceSingle Infrastructure Staff DuressOutdoor Outdoor tracking (duress, assets)Chokepoint * Looking forwardRuggedness Tracking of residence by cell phoneIntegrationOR/ER workflow Temperature PDA More! CONFIDENTIALPage 4 5. RTLS Requirements for Healthcare Look at all the big picture and all long term requirementsMultiple applications Asset ManagementMultiple use cases Equipment MaintenanceScalability Temperature MonitoringConfigurability Patient and Staff SafetyIntegrations Workflow & Resource ManagementExtensibility More Ruggedness/Enterprise classSecuritySensors temperature, call button, humidity, tamper, etc.Chokepoint/Room LevelIndoor/outdoor/fieldUtilize standardsMinimize IT total cost of ownershipwww.aeroscout.comCONFIDENTIALPage 5 6. Unified Asset Visibility in Healthcare Wi-Fi-Based RFID Pervasive hospital wide visibility Chokepoints OR/ED workflow automation (Bay level separation), immediate safety and theft alerts Sensors Temperature and humidity monitoring (Drugs, vaccines, tissues, blood, food, etc.)Passive RFID specimen tracking, OR small equipment and CONFIDENTIAL Page 6 7. Unified Asset Visibility in HealthcareIndoor Location & Status Outdoor Location & Status Wi-Fi-Based RFID Indoors and outdoors pervasive hospital wide visibilityChokepoints Gate and dock arrivals/departures for supply chainSensors Cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring of pharmaceutical productsGPS Disaster emergencywww.aeroscout.comCONFIDENTIAL Page 7 8. DoD Army & Navy Hospital Trend# TypeStarting ApplicationsStatus 1 US Army Asset Management AS Deployed Equipment MaintenanceLandstuhl Keep equipment in assigned areas 2 US Army Asset Management AS Selected 3 US Army Asset Management AS Selected Staff Duress IP Phone Integration 4 US NavalEquipment Management AS Selected 5 US NavalAsset Management Selecting DMLSS integration CONFIDENTIAL Page 8 9. Example WiFi Test Results Cisco with AeroScout Tags at a US Army Hospital3 meter resolution 100% of the time2 meter resolution 88% of the time1 meter resolution 55% of the timewww.aeroscout.comCONFIDENTIAL Page 9 10. DMLSS and AeroScout CONFIDENTIAL Page 10 11. Integration Capabilities PushEvent based via Web Services (SOA), HTTP Post or JMS.XML or flat messagePayload: Asset ID, Location, Timestamp, etc.PullSOAP Integration with Rich API setAssociation/De-associationLocationSynchronizing fields (e.g. serial #, model, category, maintenance date,etc.)www.aeroscout.comCONFIDENTIALPage 11 12. Asset Management IntegrationServices Oriented ArchitectureDMLSSAeroscout MobileView----------URL---------- Asset Visual RealManagementTime LocationEquipment SearchableMaintenance fieldsWork Orders OwnershipOwnership Usage StatusReportsCurrent Events Cisco Location CONFIDENTIALPage 12 13. MobileView Solution Capabilities Visual SearchAsset ID, Serial #, Model, Category, Maintenance Date, Owner, etc.ReportsCurrent Quantity vs Par Levels by Asset Category and AreaHistorical Quantity vs Par Levels by Asset Category and AreaSweep Report collection of assets and current location by Maintenance dateEquipment not in hospital; Last exit from building loggedUsage history (breakage or root cause analysis)ChartHistorical Quantity vs Par Levels by Asset Category and AreaAlertsEquipment Par Level too low/too high for areaEquipment left area/building unauthorized alert securityPDAMobile FindAssociate/DeassociateAnd More! www.aeroscout.comCONFIDENTIALPage 13 14. AeroScout SummaryWi-Fi standards-basedKeeps costs low and management simpleOver 4 years of success selling/deploying Wi-Fi-based Active RFID solutions Availability of solutions to cover all environmentsOnly Wi-Fi system with multiple visibility types (Real-time location, presence, choke-point)Indoor and outdoor (RSSI and TDOA) with the same tagSensor/telemetry capabilityRoom and bay level separationScalable to tens of thousands of assets Market-leading Wi-Fi tagsUp to 4+ years of battery lifeShipping tens of thousands/monthNegligible effect on Wi-Fi network MobileView: Enterprise-class visibility application suiteTrack, Alert, Manage and Integrate from a Web interfaceCustomizable logic and business event engineEasily deliver location information to existing hospital applications CONFIDENTIALPage 14