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  • 1. Market Background Marketing Plan Marketing Communications strategy Media Plan Sales Promotion Plan

2. Womens apparel is the largest sector accounting for 35.1% of the value of clothing shipments in 1997. Men a boys Women Children Others 1998 1997 Clothing Industry, Value of Shipments Share of Sub Groups, 1998 and 1997 Manufacturing shipments of the clothing industry in 1997 were valued at $6.9 billion 31.2 33.0 32.4 35.1 6.8 6.1 29.6 25.8 3. Market Size and Growing World Jeans Market- 51.6$ Billion in 2007 Expected to become 56.2$ billion by 2014 Global demand growing at 5%, supply at 8% Global Denim fabric production in 2006 - 2.7 billion mtrs. Over 50 percent of denim production is based in Asia with China, India, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Between EU, US and China, 70% of world jeans consumption. $ 4. Market Segmentation in the industry jeans is: Jop Jeans take the market segmentation of jeans are demographic factors, attitude towards fashion, type of activity, special circumstances and life style, economic factors, brand awareness and preferences, price/quality ratio, developments in styles and fashion, climate and environment. Casual Sport Formal j p JEANS 5. Competitor Analysis High $ Low $ High Q Low Q 6. Marketing Plan 7. Target Marketing 8. Jop Jeans will be a product new on the market for this reasons our strategy will be market penetration. In addition, the characteristics most important in our product are as follows: Versatility Comfort Design soft denim and seams that allow more movement. models and styles to suit any occasion. Perfect forms that highlight the female figure. 9. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES To impact the target market integrated for women between 15 to 35 who seek comfortable jeans. To signify Jop Jeans by quality of materials and the variety of designs 10. Creative plan Creative objectives To introduce Jop Jeans as the new style of Jeans in the Canadian market. To communicate that Jop Jeans offers versatility, comfort, and designs in their products. To inform that Jop Jeans has extensive designs including innovation and comfort. To position Jop Jeans as a brand leader on the market. j p JEANS w w w . j o p j e a n s . c o m 11. Key Benefit Statement 12. Tag Line If we can get her this gorgeous, imagine what we can do for you. 13. Sales Promotion Plan Consumerpromotion Objectives 14. Promotion Strategy In the firs place, focuses in our promotion that will have two strategies pull and push. Both elements encourage trail purchase. The primary medium chosen is TV, with the secondary media being print, interactive communications and radio. 15. Promotion Execution We will spend on backlit outdoor billboards for 4 months and exterior kings and interior transit advertising for a period of 8 weeks. 16. TV advertisements will consist of conventional national networks (CTV, CBC, Global) and specialty channels, making three, 40 second commercials, purchase a 12 week campaign on Prim Time TV and 16 weeks on specialty channels such as MuchMusic, and others. TV . . 17. Jop Jeans will make on three ads placed in 3 General Interest magazines for 3 months. M a g a z i n e 18. Internet banner ads that are browsed by the target consumer for a period of 2 months. Internet 19. j p JEANS w w w . j o p j e a n s . c o m Between my jeans and me there are not nothing! 20. w w w . j o p j e a n s . c o m j p JEANS