Adventure lovers vacation to new york

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<ul><li> 1. New York is an outdoor and adventure loversparadise, with plenty of opportunities toexplore the wilder side of life throughout thestate. From New York City to the Adirondacks,no matter where you go in New York, youresure to find an adventure waiting to happen. </li> <li> 2. Just outside of New York City, the Hudson River Valleyprovides a multitude of outdoor adventures year-round. When the weather is nice, lace up your hikingboots for a thrilling hike ascending the 14 peaks thatoverlook the valley. Remote and lush forest areas arethe ideal backdrop for hikes that rival any othermountain hike in the country. For an even morechallenging hiking experience in the Hudson RiverValley, try the Breakneck Ridge climb and hike.When the temperatures drop, this area providesexcellent trails for winter horseback riding, iceclimbing, snowshoeing and more. Let the wildernessbe your guide. </li> <li> 3. White water rafting trips in the Adirondack Mountainsof upstate New York are another great way to getyour adrenaline pumping. Organized rafting tripsoffered by a number of professional raftingcompanies and guides will get you in the water, andon your way to the adventure of a lifetime. The riversin upstate New York provide varying levels ofdifficulty, so you can tailor the trip to your wants andneeds. The exciting and turbulent rivers of thespringtime rapids found in the Hudson, Black andMoose rivers are perfect for rafters that want to revtheir adventure engines. Calmer waters in latesummer are ideal for family rafting vacations, or thosethat dont want to risk their lives on the more ruggedrapids. </li> <li> 4. If youd rather be in the air than in the water, check out zip liningtours all around New York for a chance to breeze through thetrees and get a different vantage point of the landscape. Ziplining in New York is a great way to see the state in a new way,and also provides a thrilling adventure as you zip between treesin the Hudson Valley. Some zip line tour operators are even openyear round, so you can experience this adventure whenever youare visiting the area.Winter is also a great time to seek out adventure in New York withthe multiple winter sports areas throughout the state. No matteryour experience level, New York has got a ski resort toaccommodate your needs. From Greek Peak in the Finger Lakesto the site of Olympic Winter Games at Whiteface Mountain in theAdirondacks, there are plenty of options to ski, snowboard, tubeand more in New York. Get extra adventurous by checking outopportunities to ice climb in the Adirondacks at the AdirondackHigh Peaks region, renting snowmobiles to explore the terrain, orjump in a bobsled at Lake Placid. </li> <li> 5. No matter which adventure you choose during yourtime in New York, be sure to have a comfortable placeto prop up your feet and lay your head at the end of theday. Book a Lake Placid vacation rental or a HudsonValley cabin rental for your next adventure trip to NewYork to get the comforts of home after a long day ofexploring. </li> </ul>