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<ul><li> 1. Pandahall-Acrylic European Beads Reviews List 3 shapes of Acrylic European Beads </li></ul> <p> 2. Acrylic European beads are very economical and available in many shapes such as round, rondelle, barrel, column, animal, heart and so on. Here I will take rondelle, animal and heart shapes for example. 3. Heart shaped acrylic European beads Similar like the above shaped beads, heart shaped beads can be used in making charm bracelets or necklaces. Different bead sizes vary from 8mm to 19mm and hole size, 4 to 5.9mm, for you to choose from. 4. Bracelet out of heart shaped acrylic european beads More details please visit: 5. Animal shaped acrylic European beads Animal shaped acrylic European beads are so cute. They can add personalized style to your Pandora bracelets or charm jewelry making. Beads sizes are available from 8mm to 19mm, and hole sizes range from 4mm to 9.9mm, large enough for threads, ribbons, chains to pass. 6. Bracelet out of animal shaped acrylic european beads 7. Rondelle acrylic European beads Rondelle acrylic European beads are the most common shape on These beads we offer are with platinum color core, or silver color core or no metal core and vary in different sizes (6mm to 29mm). It has large middle holes (4mm to 9.9mm) for threads, ribbons or chains to go through and can be used for making bracelets, necklaces or as spacers between larger beads. You can choose them freely according to your requirements. Rondelle beads 8. Bracelet out of rondelle acrylic european beads 9. If you want to crystal wholesale European beads, do come to visit: european-beads/217-1.html I'm sure you will find the special beads you're looking for. 10. ENDING Pandahall Email: If you want to know more please visit our website. Thank you! </p>